Wednesday, June 29, 2016

You Get Your Own Shoes

So Sunday was Ward Conference for the Las Colinas Ward and so the Stake Relief Society came and spoke to us and i absolutely loved what one of the sweet sister's said. She was talking about becoming the Relief Society President a couple of years ago and everyone loved the president before her. The way she did things just worked and she was talking to a little old lady about it and she and told her that she was nervous to fill such big shoes. The little lady leaned in real close and said "Sister, you get your own shoes." 

I loved that. Especially as a missionary. You tend to get compared to the missionaries that were in the area before and how well they were doing and how many baptisms they had and how many lessons they were teaching and so forth. But as this lady said each of us get our own shoes. It isn't our job to fill someone else's shoes. We don't have to be that person or do the things they did. We each get our own shoes but we get to decide how we fill them. The best part of this is that Heavenly Father has given us our shoes and tells us how to fill them. He tells us what we need to do to stand tall where we are placed and do His work, His way and in His timing. All in all trust in Him and fill your shoes His way with the gifts and talents he has given you to bless the people around you. You are where you are because someone needs YOU there. Lift where you stand. 

Love you all.

-Sister Wade

1. A member bought us water bottles that are water bottles AND spray bottle in ONE and they are a life savor. We pack our cooler full of ice and water bottles then carry our wicked sweet water bottles and when their empty we refill them with ice cold water from the cooler. Yup, were taking on this 110+ degree weather in stride 
2. President Guffey is officially here! And I'm super sad President Miller is gone but excited to see what the Lord has in store for NMAM
3. I swear Cruces has the best named streets in the country. No big deal.

3. On our walking day this week (Sunday) we were walking about 3 miles up hill to our next appointment and all of a sudden this less active member in another ward stopped to pick us up. Which turned out to be the biggest blessing ever because not only were we hot, sweaty and getting blisters but as we pulled up to our appointment my GPS (oh yeah, I finally caved and bought one... i don't remember if I told you or not....) said it was dead. So there would have been no way of knowing how to get there. The Lord is aware of us and is watching out for us. I LOVE IT! 
So many "Mormon's"
(At the corner of Mormon Dr
and Mormon Pl
with 2 Book of Mormons
and 2 "Mormon" Missionaries)

Hey, I remember the Nephites

The "Jesus Car"

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