Friday, December 30, 2016


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Trials or Blessings?

I hope everyone had the best Christmas's of their entire life, and that everyone was able to feel the real spirit of Christ and that ya'll do everything you can to keep that spirit with you.(:

This week I have been thinking a lot about trials and what they really are and why we have them. It came to me that another word for trial really is blessing. Every time we have a trial in our life we have the amazing opportunity to become someone better from it. It's a time for us to learn who we really are and what we can become. It's a time for us to use the Atonement and really recognize the blessings that come from it. As I have looked back on my life and through my mission the times that I have learned the most, grown the most, and strengthened my testimony the most is always during a trial.

The amazing thing about trials though is that it's up to us if we are going to let them change us. We get the choice to either grown and become from them or to complain and groan. Some times is hard not to do the latter. But it goes back to trusting in the Lord. Trusting that He knows what he's doing and that He will not let us fall. He wants us to become who we are capable of becoming.

President Uchtdorf said it best when he said, "I had to follow the guidance of someone with more accurate information than I had. Someone whom I could not see, but whom I had learned to trust. Someone who could see what I could not." (Fourth Floor Last Door) We have to trust that He sees the whole picture. That the trials we are given are to bless us so that we can come home. The way that we can do that is to know our Father. To spend time with Him as we read the scriptures, pray, go to church, to the temple and everything. The way that we can know is by doing the little things.

If you see yourself seeing the trial instead of the blessing see what you can do to learn to trust your Heavenly Father more.

Love ya'll and hope you have the very best new years!! Heres to 2017!

-Sister Wade

1. Some times Chinese fire drills happen when we are on our way home from lessons
2. Soooooo, Sister King may or may not have sprayed pepper spray at the wall and then 30 seconds later we realized it was a horrible idea. haha won't do that again.
3. Every single one of you should listen to the CD "The Work" by The Nashville Tribute Band it may or may not be my favorite thing in the entire world. Oh yeah and our music rule changed 8 (ish) ago so bonus cause now we get to listen to them. I promise I'm not breaking rules.

I came home for the night and look who had been at my door! Natalie and Matt and the cute fam! They are moving to TX and had a layover in ABQ. This seriously made my entire week!!
 Sister Ingold and I are back at it!! She's my STL so we went on exchanges and when we are back together someone *cough cough* Sister Ingold always happens to be in the hospital. So we had to take a picture in front of the sign haha Merry Christmas Adam to us(:

DANNY AND MONICA GOT BAPTIZED ON CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!! It was the best Christmas Present anyone could ask for.

Christmas Eve with the Bezilla family!(: They are the best. And they even bought us Christmas Pajamas! They said you can't have Christmas without pajamas.

We also got other matching Christmas Pajamas
 from the Ritchie family.

Oh and ps P-day will be Tuesday next week too!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Surprise!

I am so grateful the Pankretz family is taking care of these two girls!! I sent  a Christmas package with stockings, gifts and decorations. It was stolen.  Harrison can tell I am upset about it.. So he said.. "The person who stole the package has opened it and saw the stuff inside and it now they want to be baptized.. That was the best outcome for that package. Someone joined the church over it!" Ha ha!!
Thanks Pankretz family!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


I love love love this time of year. one of my favorite things about this time of year is the feeling of Christmas. It's amazing because that feeling can be felt all of the time. It doesn't only have to be a December feeling. That feeling truly is the Holy Ghost. It's the spirit of service, it's the spirit of Christ. As we turn our lives towards Christ and do as He would do that spirit is there.

I am the luckiest person in the entire world to get to spend 2 full Christmas's on my mission. I love being able to share with everyone the way that peace, joy and happiness come into our lives. It really is through our Savior.

Yesterday, I was reading in Helaman about Samuel the Lamanite prophesying about our Savior's birth and as I was reading I realized how many times it says the word "sign". I thought about it for a moment and thought about how 99% of the time our Father in Heaven doesn't send us "signs". Most of the time when we are looking for an answer it doesn't come the way that our Savior came into the world. It comes through subtle promptings of the spirit and the thoughts and feelings we have. So as I was thinking I asked myself why Heavenly Father wanted all of His children all over the world to have a physical sign that their Savior was born. As I continued to read I realized the reason was to help each of his children, the ones living then and the ones now, know that they really had a Savior. Help each and everyone remember the plan that was put in place from the foundation of the world. To help us to know at the very moment the sign was given that our Father has a plan and that plan includes a Savior and the Atonement. I can only imagine the overwhelming feeling of love and peace as the sign was given. I want you to think about that Christmas morning. And really think of the reason for Christmas. As was said at the Christmas Devotional, "We celebrate Christmas because of Easter."

Love you all! Hope you have the best Christmas yet!!

-Sister Wade

Look who came to District Council!    

Merry Christmas from ABQ-W    

We are Christmas trees! haha (Christmas tree skirts)    


Danny and Monica got married!!! They are seriously so cute! And their wedding was so cute and everything was just amazing!!