Tuesday, September 29, 2015

1st Area!

Drove from Albuquerque to El Paso
I will have a car.
My area is way too Big
225 N. Mesa Hills
El Paso, Texas 79912

Hey I made it!!

Hey guys! i made it to New Mexico! And then I was quickly sent to Texas! I am serving my first area in El Paso and serving in the University area. My companion is Sister Ingold and she has been out only six weeks! So she's fairly new too. I went contacting yesterday and was pretty much freaking out of my mind, but after I started all the nerves went away. I had to say goodbye to sister Lewis today and I pretty much bawled my face off. It was seriously the hardest goodbye! Well I don't really have any time today. I'll write more next week but DONT SEND MY MAIL TO THE ADDRESS I GAVE YOU! I won't get it for over a month. Send it to this address 225 N Mesa Hills #2412 El Paso Texas 79912. Then I can get it but other then that I won't be getting anything. I love you guys! And I love it here! it is dang hot though! At 5 In the afternoon it is literally over 100 degrees! But all is well and I am excited! Hopefully I can get over this cold though or it's gonna get miserable real fast. Love you all and hope you're doing great!!(:

-Sista Wade

Friday, September 25, 2015

Faith found on Facebook from Elder William's mom

Wait it hasn't even been a week?!?

 Tues. Sept 22, 2015
Guys the MTC is literally the best thing in the entire world!! I have never felt the spirit so strongly as I have here. We do so much stuff in a day I swear I have been here for like 4 weeks but it hasn't even been a week. What the heck! But love every second of it! I seriously could not have been blessed with a better companion or district. We are seriously so stinkin close! i am pumped all the sisters are going to New Mexico but I will literally cry when we leave cause the elders are not coming with us. :( Elder Lyman and Elder Kitty Kat are my favorite. We seriously do everything together. Me, sister Lewis and them. But when it is gym time I swear they change their clothes 673 times cause it takes them so dang long to get ready. Haha oh well we cream them in spike ball so it's fine. 
We taught our first investigator on saturday and guys holy smokes! The spirit was so dang strong! We could not have had a better first lesson. Yea there was definitely somethings we could improve on but it was still AMAZING!! You could cut the spirit with a knife it was so prominent. We talked about how we have a loving Heavenly Father and how the gospel blesses families and it was just straight up amazing. I could physically feel Heavenly Father's love for our investigator. AMAZING!! Our other 2 lessons didn't go as good but we're getting there. GUYS THIS CHURCH IS TRUE!  can't stress it enough! I love this gospel so dang much!  
My testimony of prayer has definitely been strengthened to the max. Praying out loud makes such a huge impact. When me and sister Vete do it I can literally feel the power and strength coursing through my veins. It sounds crazy but it works and it feels amazing to feel His love every time I pray with a purpose. 
Okay back to the fun stuff. Sister Lewis and I seriously are the exact same person! I love her so much! I don't know what I would do without her. We went to choir on sunday cause everyone kept telling us how great choir is and we sat down and couldnt even sing ANYTHING the gave us!! It was so dang high! We sat through choir and just mouthed the words cause honestly who can sing that high?!? But after the high song we got normal songs haha and could sing with everyone. The spirit was SOOOOO STRONG! Did I mention I live in the temple? Yea that is seriously what I feel like. I love it! We had The Mormon Tabernacle Choir conductor speak to us and MAN that was the best thing of my entire life!! (Brinn get him for a morningside!! And sorry Layton I didn't listen when you requested him haha) 
We went on a temple walk on sunday and got to do a session today! It was the best!! It is so weird that we have free time today though. I feel like I need to be in class or something. Haha
Love you guys!! I'll talk to you in a week. 

Oh and I always say my companion's name wrong :) It is so dang embarrassing! But I'll get it eventually haha everyone teases me bout it... Oh well....
Love you guys!! 

- Sista Wade

Me and my "Compie" sister Vete (:


Sister Vete Me Sister Lewis (Left to right)
 Elder Jensen Elder Williams Elder Lyman elder Beckstead Elder Kitty Kat (Katsilias) Elder Lambert and Sister Johnson