Sunday, November 27, 2016

Oh, So Thankful

Okay, there is so much to be thankful for. I love love love this time of year that we get to look back and count the blessing our Father in Heaven has given us. All of the tender mercies and see His hand so much.

So as for now I am issuing all of you a challenge. Starting today, make a tender mercy/thanful journal. Whether it's on your phone or in a real journal or on a sticky note or whatever you've got make a tender mercy journal and start recognizing all the good in your life and all the things the Lord has given you, and see His hand in your life everyday. I've started doing this and it's truly amazing. I catch myself being grateful for so much and I recognize the little thing more often too!

But just a few things I am grateful for are....
1. First and foremost the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the ability that I have to repent and change and become someone better through Him.

2. The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ

3. The temple and that I get the opportunity to be with my family for all eternity and that Heavenly Father loves us enough to give us those a place where we can make covenants with Him and feel as close to Him as we possibly can.

4. My cute lil family who happen to be partying in Hawaii without me. I still love them though.

5. The Book of Mormon! I am pretty sure I talk about it in every email but it is the greatest thing. I can't even begin to express how much I love it and how true I know it is. It really is a refuge and a place of peace where we come to know our Savior more than anything else. 

6. My time as a Missionary and that the Lord has asked me to represent Him and His son and His Church. That is one of the greatest blessings in my life and getting to see it change the lives of others. I wouldn't trade that for anything in the entire world. 

7. My Savior, and my best friend, Jesus Christ. I am so grateful He knows me so perfectly. And He loved me enough to do what He did so I would not have to go through this life alone.

8. The Plan of Happiness. Sister Peterson once showed me this amazing scripture on it. It's Alma 24:14 and I truly know that our Heavenly Father giving us this plan because He loves us so much. We don't get to know everything in this life. Actually I feel like I know close to nothing but our Heavenly Father wanted to make one thing clear that we do know, it is that we can have eternal happiness. That we can live with Him and our families forever. That we know where we came from and where we are going after this life. Such a tender mercy in my life to know that. 

9. The Sacrament and the opportunity we have to partake of it weekly and gain strength from it. 

10. The people Heavenly Father has placed in my life at this time to strengthen me and help me and for me to in turn do the same for them. 

I love you all lots and I want you to know how grateful I am for this opportunity that I have to serve my Father in Heaven. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now. 

Sister Wade

P.S. This talk is AMAZING and such a good one for the season. So you should read it!
           Some times Sister Acton Sister GIbbons and I
                     all buy the same boots,
               so we obviously have to wear them 
            on the same day and take a picture right?

Sister Orton and I    

So funny story we're in a quad for the week(:    



A young man showed up at the temple is a suit and asked to be baptized. Yes, how amazing is that!! He had called ahead and put his name on the list to do baptisms because he heard that the temple is where you become a Mormon. The Lord truly had prepared him and he's going to be baptized on Saturday(: 

Monday, November 14, 2016

No one thinks ETs really happen until you get ETed...

New Address:
10800 Comanche Rd NE Apt 105
Albuquerque NM 87111

So I am officially in another trio! Either no one can get along with me or President thinks I work better with 2 companions. haha only joking. But one of the Sisters in Rio Rancho went home because of medical reasons and so they had to have an emergency transfer and Sister Acton's companion Sister Hay went to be companions with the other Sister in Rio Rancho and so they combined our areas so we have 2 wards again and we are so so excited!!(: 

But this week I learned how important our covenants are and keeping our covenants. I have been reading about the Anti-Nephi Lehis and all that they went through. Their conversion story and their trials and hardships that followed their conversion. I was reading in Alma 53 and it is to the point in the story where the Anti Nephi Lehis are really struggling and they come to the point that they almost dig up their weapons and begin to fight for their liberty. In seeing this Helaman reminds them of their covenants and how it is better to perish keeping our covenants than to win the battle breaking them. (Alma 53:14-15) 

Something that I loved in reading this was the faith of the Anti Nephi Lehis. They knew that in keeping their covenant that they had made with the Lord that He would help them. He would be there and he would guide them. They talk about wading through their afflictions holding on to their covenants and relying on the hand of the Lord to help them with the rest. And what truly is amazing is that it happened. The Lord blessed the people with a way out of their trails. He helped them to remember that their children could fight, and not only that they could but that He would protect them in the process. 

These men and women really were men and women of such great faith and testimonies. They knew and were reminded of the strength that comes from keeping their covenants. I know that that is so true today as well. Whether it be a baptismal covenant (on a side note keeping the commandments is part of that covenant and Missionary work is a commandment so if you need to repent, repent and share the gospel) or temple covenants when we keep those covenants the Lord keeps his part and we will find greater joy and happiness in life. He will bless us and He will prepare a way for us to keep those covenants. Hold true and see the beauty of the Lord unfold to you. 

Love you all lots and hope you have the best day ever!!

-Sister Wade

New Address:
10800 Comanche Rd NE Apt 105
Albuquerque NM 87111

1.Everyone keeps calling me a "Seasoned Missionary" like I'm going home tomorrow. Guys, I've still got a long time. I'm practically a greenie
2. The new ward I am in has a Deaf family and it makes me so happy. I may or may not have watched the interpreter the entire sacrament meeting. 
3. Apparently in Polish the word "Fart" means good luck
And Sister Morris came to visit
 a couple of weeks ago and surprised
us by knocking on our door
and I just barely got the pictures
but I love her so much!!(:

            We got a new car 
and while we were waiting for the new car
   we got to drive our Soccer Mom van
          (: Her name is Bessy


You'd never believe this is a burrito would you?

I got to see my favorite person
 in the entire world
aka Sister Peterson
on Thursday and it was the best(((:

Even the trees are poky here.
Haha okay, I was trying to point at this crazy thing
but it looks like I'm doing something funky with my arms
 haha promise I'm just pointing

Trio number 4
with the one and only
Sister Acton joining our fun