Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Mexico: It's Not New and It's Not Mexico

One of our members says that about New Mexico and Sister Orton and I just loved it. So I thought hey, I've gotta share that and give everyone a kick out of it haha. Super funny though right?!

ANYWAYS!! Once again I'm running low on time so I'll make this short! 
Sister Orton and I have been studying about our Savior and his visitation to the people in the Americas. We've been sharing 3 Nephi 11:12 and as we have been talking about how the Nephites were able to feel the prints in the hands of the Savior, it hit me that not only did he take so much time and let each of them come and feel his hands, not only did each of them have to feel for themselves to know that it really was him, but I am sure that as he let them feel his hands he thought of the moment in the Garden that he spent thinking of them. I'm sure he told them that he knew. He knew them personally and knew what they were going through. I'm sure some of them he turned to and told them that it would all be alright. Or to some he simply told them that He loved them. I'm sure each person that came to feel His hands got to hear exactly what they needed directly from our Savior. As I've been thinking of that it just hit me that He really truly does know each of us. On such a personal level and wants us to know that. No, He needs us to know that so that we can learn to rely on Him full heartily and as we know that we come to know that we are not alone. We are never alone. He is always there. In fast he always carries us and helps us every step of the way. 

I love you all lots and I want you to know that our Savoir, Jesus Christ, knows you. Don't ever forget that. 

-Sister Wade

1. We went to see Sister Petty and she had some friends over but they only spoke Spanish and so we literally sat there for like 20 minutes as they carried their conversation in Spanish. According to Sister Petty our mission language has officially been changed to Spanish haha

2. It's the best when you are walking down the street and you've OYMed all of the mail people and so everyone of them honk and wave at you, and if they can they pull over and talk with you. There is one mailman that, without fail, will pull over as fast as he can and shout "SISTERS!! HOW ARE YOU!" It just makes my day(:
We got to help Sister Twitchell make balloon animals for the ward trunk or treat. It's official. I know why I was not born a clown. I am horrible at the whole balloon animal thing haha Oh and if you look close Sister Orton and I dressed up as each other for Halloween and switched name tags haha    

One of our investigators gave us this dream catcher
with this guy in the middle and
 it's kinda weird so we had to take a picture

Hermana Bigley and I when we were tracking in the hail.
 Yup, that was fun

                 It's the most exciting moment
                 in the life of a Missionary 
    when you get the Conference addition of the Ensign(((:

and yes selfies are still cool right? haha

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  1. My favorite comments, having lived in NM 3x were: 1. Do they speak English there? And 2. Do you have to have a passport to go There? Seriously!