Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Unexpected Surprise!!

I got this picture from a member in the ward Kelsey is serving in. He said... 
 "These three are amazing and are working their tails off...pray for them. They are doing everything possible! Pray for the hearts of our people to be softened and for your daughters to feel the love of the Lord!"

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


This week I realized just how powerful prayer is. The week seemed to be dragging on and it was finally Friday. During language study (we get to take language study because now we are in a zebra) I was reading this talk by President Uchtdorf and all of a sudden I had this overwhelming feeling that I needed to say a heart felt prayer out loud and plead for help and just tell my Father in Heaven what I was going though and feeling. So after I finished the talk I did just that. I went into the bedroom and just talked to Him. I told Him about every little thing. It was amazing to feel the strength that came from it. It was amazing to know that He truly is there and that he loves me and knows unlike anyone else exactly what I am going through. 

During my prayer I pleaded for help. I told Him how much I truly love the people here and want more than anything to bring this happiness and joy that comes from living the gospel to everyone I see. I was struggling because we weren't really having any success and I didn't know why. I felt like I was doing everything I could and nothing was happening. After I stood up this overwhelming feeling came over me that He knew and he was aware of me and the people here in Las Cruces, and that He truly did have people ready to hear the message, hold on.

Later that same day we met with an amazing new investigator that talked about how she was looking for that comfort and peace, and you'll never believe it SHE TOLD US SHE HAD ALREADY MADE PLANS TO COME TO CHURCH! Even before we invited her or told her about it. She had a friend in another ward and she had already decided she was coming. Then on Sunday we met this guy outside of his house that we had repetitively run into all week and he told us he had a void in his life he wanted to fill and that he wanted us to come back that night. We we able to teach him and he loved being able to know that Heavenly Father truly was aware of him. 

It was so amazing to know that after I was able to pray and know that Heavenly Father was aware of me and His children that he was placing them in our path. He was giving us those people that desired to have the gospel in their lives. Prayer truly is powerful. It's one of the most powerful tools we have on this earth. If we truly pray with real intent and talk with our Father, He will bless us. It's a promise. Turn to Him and peace unlike any other will come.

Love you lots! Have a fantastic day! 
-Sister Wade

Oh and all of you should read this talk ASAP. It's amazing. (:

Our walking days ware us out fast.
Thank goodness
for Sister Bybee helping us out(: 
So yesterday, after a long stressful day we were driving home and our tire blew out (yup it was ripped in lots of pieces) and so we pulled over and started changing it. (I only remember by dad teaching me how to change a tire when I was 14 so it was taking a lot to remember it haha) While we were taking the longest time to find all the tools and a police office pulls up and starts changing the tire for u (luckily because it would have taken us all night!) So he put the jack under the car and he didn't up it on right so when he took the tire off the car fell on the jack and took 4 missionaries and a cop to lift the car up enough to get the jack out and put the tire back on. So after we finally got the tire fixed (by this time our zone leaders and our district leader and his companion are all here) Then after the cop left the car wouldn't start. So we tried jump starting it and nothing and now we had to call a member of our stake presidency to come and help us get it started and we find out that when the car fell it messed up the started and so now the car is in pep boys and we are out of a car for a little while and so before they took the car we just had to take a picture.