Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Kelsey Is Coming Home!!

Sister Wade would not be wanting to make a fuss about her coming home. I am sure it is bitter sweet for her and the emotions are going to be HIGH! But.. we are all super excited to see her and it is happening!! I gotta pinch myself!! I am attaching her homecoming information to all of you!! Thank you for supporting her! We all need friends and I am glad she has had all of you cheering her on!!
 Now.. Lets welcome her home!!

P.S.. I am petitioning for the first hug!!

Monday, March 27, 2017

General Conference

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! Well at least 1 of the 2!! This week it's GENERAL CONFERENCE!! I was so excited that I got to go to the women's conference this last week. It really was exactly what I needed and something I learned from last time was the importance of bringing questions to Conference. I was able to do that this week and all of my questions were answered!! I really honestly can promise you that you will get answers to your questions if you take them to Conference with a sincere heart really wanting to know. He loves you so much and wants you to know that he really cares. 

I am so so so excited that my first weekend in the mission field was General Conference and my last will be as well. (: I am seriously the luckiest Sister Around.

-Sister Wade

We have been trying by a former investigator sense I got here and we felt that we shouldn't give up hope on them. Last Monday we finally got to see them. And both the parents and 2 daughters become new investigators. They really had such a desire. Eleazar told us that he wants to read scriptures everyday as a family in the first lesson and that they wanted to come to church. We gave them a church tour later in the week and you would not believe it!! One of our members the week previous was helping us with a church tour and told us that the baptismal font is always unlocked because the lock was broken so for Eleazar and his family we made sure to show them the baptismal font. Eleazar when he saw it said, that is where I am going to be! and then turned to the two girls, Isabel and Idaly, and said you will be there too when you get baptized!!

Heidi Trujillo my be one of my favorite people
 in all of Texas and the world
and I got to see her at Women's Conference!!
 Greatest tender mercy.

 Love this lady so so much.

Sister Huebner and I waiting for Eleazar,
 Thelma, Idaly and Isabel for the church tour.

We found a cactus
 then found a prickly pear
on the cactus
 and then ate it.
 haha or tried to at least

We got to go to Bahama Bucks
and it may be the
 greatest snow cone place on the planet.

Elder Calvillo at zone conference.
Seriously taking pictures with Elders can be rather awkward.
 but it's fine.

We hate a pink cupcake
and it died our hands teeth, and lips pink.

Monday, March 20, 2017

"Ultimately Realize..."

I was studying in the Proclamation to the family this week and there was something in there that really hit me. Something that I have read over and over again but I didn't realize the real meaning of it until this week. In the 3rd paragraph (I think it was) it says,
 "In the premortal realm, spirit sons and daughters knew and worshipped God as their Eternal Father and accepted His plan by which His children could obtain a physical body and gain earthly experience to progress toward perfection and ultimately realize their divine destiny as heirs of eternal life."
The one thing that really stood out to me was that a major part of our Heavenly Father's plan was for us to realize who we really are. For us to realize that we can really become like He is. Isn't that so incredible?! Heavenly Father wants us in this life to ultimately realize the happiness we can achieve as we follow the counsel He gives us. I really love being able to know that Heavenly Father wants nothing more than for us to believe in ourselves and the great potential each of us have. He wants us to know that is really is possible to become like Him. It isn't just a goal He has set that we can look at and say, "I'll never make it." but rather He wants us to believe and know that it is completely possible as we rely on our Savior. So.Incredible.

Well Love you lots!! Have the best day ever!
-Sister Wade

1. We made cookies for members in Ward Council so that was fun
2. Bryanna told us she was pregnant, which is a tender mercy because now she has more motivation to quit vaping(((:
3. I feel like I'm in a Spanish ward. We had 4 dinners in a row where they didn't speak English and they are all members in an English ward haha - so that was an adventure.
4. A member skyped my MTC companion, Sister Vete, who just went home for work and it was really weird to soo her not as a missionary. 
5. Also I may have stood on a doorstep for 4 minutes and gotten so.many.bug.bites.

 I figured out how to get the pictures off of my camera!! (Thanks to Mamma Park in Las Cruces)

Apparently when we tell people where our church
 is they talk about this tree.
 So naturally we had to
take a picture in front of it. Haha

The dream district(;

One of the 8 year olds in our ward, Hunter Flippo, got baptized 
and so we got to teach the Restoration
 at his baptism and these cute Sisters were there(:

I finally got the pictures from Jacob Kett's baptism! This is his cute family and his son that baptized him.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Prayers are Answered

            This week I was praying really hard to know what I needed to change what I needed to do differently to be able to give more of myself to the work and to the Lord. As I was praying I had this impression that I needed to go back to going out of my way to find people that are outside so I can talk to them. So I did everything in my power to do so. Then as we were pulling in to our apartment complex one day I saw a UPS driver dropping off a package and I remembered Sister Ferrin once telling me that her and her trainer would put Book of Mormon's on the seats of UPS drivers. So I had the thought to do it. So we quickly parked the car and ran to put a Book of Mormon on his seat, but apparently we were too slow. We started to walk back to the car and someone came out of the apartment complex and his name is Sebastian. And the coolest thing is that he was the one we needed to talk to! He told us of his experience with prayer and how much it had changed his life. He told us that he wants nothing more than to have a strong foundation on Christ and he said we could meet with him tomorrow!! How incredible! As we really pray and really intend to act on the promptings we get and really listen for the answer our Father in Heaven will tell us what we need to do. What we can do to be better. 

Love you all! And hope today is the greatest!!((:

-Sister Wade

1. We walked into a house and they had 10 snakes all around their living room and I didnt notice until one started slithering around and then I realized I was sitting next to the biggest snake in the entire world. yeahhhhh apparently if you are a zoologist in El Paso you have lost of cats and snakes.
2. I had my final interview with President Guffey this week and I am kinda freaking out.
3. Brother JACOB KETT GOT BAPTIZED!! (apparently I was taking pictures this week without my memory card in ): so I don't have any pictures)
4. We got to go to breakfast with 1/2 our zone today to Villiage Inn

5. Also, after I told my district that my favorite car was a jeep they all told me that it's a bad mom car cause I can't haul around kids. I mean I'm not getting married any time soon so who needs a mom car? haha