Monday, March 13, 2017

Prayers are Answered

            This week I was praying really hard to know what I needed to change what I needed to do differently to be able to give more of myself to the work and to the Lord. As I was praying I had this impression that I needed to go back to going out of my way to find people that are outside so I can talk to them. So I did everything in my power to do so. Then as we were pulling in to our apartment complex one day I saw a UPS driver dropping off a package and I remembered Sister Ferrin once telling me that her and her trainer would put Book of Mormon's on the seats of UPS drivers. So I had the thought to do it. So we quickly parked the car and ran to put a Book of Mormon on his seat, but apparently we were too slow. We started to walk back to the car and someone came out of the apartment complex and his name is Sebastian. And the coolest thing is that he was the one we needed to talk to! He told us of his experience with prayer and how much it had changed his life. He told us that he wants nothing more than to have a strong foundation on Christ and he said we could meet with him tomorrow!! How incredible! As we really pray and really intend to act on the promptings we get and really listen for the answer our Father in Heaven will tell us what we need to do. What we can do to be better. 

Love you all! And hope today is the greatest!!((:

-Sister Wade

1. We walked into a house and they had 10 snakes all around their living room and I didnt notice until one started slithering around and then I realized I was sitting next to the biggest snake in the entire world. yeahhhhh apparently if you are a zoologist in El Paso you have lost of cats and snakes.
2. I had my final interview with President Guffey this week and I am kinda freaking out.
3. Brother JACOB KETT GOT BAPTIZED!! (apparently I was taking pictures this week without my memory card in ): so I don't have any pictures)
4. We got to go to breakfast with 1/2 our zone today to Villiage Inn

5. Also, after I told my district that my favorite car was a jeep they all told me that it's a bad mom car cause I can't haul around kids. I mean I'm not getting married any time soon so who needs a mom car? haha

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