Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Temple - The House of the Lord

The temple is such an incredible place. I love it with everything that I am. We were sitting in the chapel and the temple President, President Webb, and President Guffey were talking to us and they were talking about how the spirit teaches us what we need to know as we are in the temple. I was thinking back to all the times I have been to the temple to do an endowment session and I realized that I had always felt the spirit overwhelming but I didn't think I had ever been taught anything incredible that I didn't already know. I had received answers before as I sat in the baptistery but never as I was in a session. 

But this time I was sitting in the temple and my mind went to the story in Moses when he was taken to a high mountain, or in that time, the temple. I thought about what he was taught, and I realized that I was taught the same things. He learned exactly who he was and what his relationship to God was. He learned that Heavenly Father loved him and that he wanted nothing more than for him to live with him again and to have complete happiness. I realized that in the temple we come to know, just as Moses did, who we are and that our Father wants us to be happy and to come home. And we learn exactly how we can find that happiness. 

So, if you are feeling down or having troubles knowing who you are go to the temple and let the spirit teach you. Whether you go inside and do a session, or do baptisms or just sit on the grounds.Heavenly Father wants you to know where true happiness is found.

Love you all lots!! Have the greatest day ever(:

-Sister Wade

 I owe it to be keeping a better journal that I was able to receive revelation. I know that as I have been able to write down the things I am taught as I study and as I go throughout the day Heavenly Father is so much more willing to tell us things because he knows we will do something with it. (:

1. I got to see the Soderborg girls this week!! Such a tender mercy! It was the family I got to spend Christmas Eve with last year. ((: 
2. It's a good day when you get to have blue bell ice cream again
 I got a package from my favorite,
 It made my entire week!
 I just love her lots.

ummmm look real closely
 these chickens are tied to the ground in their own little blue whatever those things are.
 And yes that is a giant chicken....
Only in El Paso...

This is what happens after you eat too much
Exchanges with my favorite,
Sister Acton!

Hey look at this buffalo thingy in a restaurant

 Chamizion at the temple(:

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