Monday, March 27, 2017

General Conference

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! Well at least 1 of the 2!! This week it's GENERAL CONFERENCE!! I was so excited that I got to go to the women's conference this last week. It really was exactly what I needed and something I learned from last time was the importance of bringing questions to Conference. I was able to do that this week and all of my questions were answered!! I really honestly can promise you that you will get answers to your questions if you take them to Conference with a sincere heart really wanting to know. He loves you so much and wants you to know that he really cares. 

I am so so so excited that my first weekend in the mission field was General Conference and my last will be as well. (: I am seriously the luckiest Sister Around.

-Sister Wade

We have been trying by a former investigator sense I got here and we felt that we shouldn't give up hope on them. Last Monday we finally got to see them. And both the parents and 2 daughters become new investigators. They really had such a desire. Eleazar told us that he wants to read scriptures everyday as a family in the first lesson and that they wanted to come to church. We gave them a church tour later in the week and you would not believe it!! One of our members the week previous was helping us with a church tour and told us that the baptismal font is always unlocked because the lock was broken so for Eleazar and his family we made sure to show them the baptismal font. Eleazar when he saw it said, that is where I am going to be! and then turned to the two girls, Isabel and Idaly, and said you will be there too when you get baptized!!

Heidi Trujillo my be one of my favorite people
 in all of Texas and the world
and I got to see her at Women's Conference!!
 Greatest tender mercy.

 Love this lady so so much.

Sister Huebner and I waiting for Eleazar,
 Thelma, Idaly and Isabel for the church tour.

We found a cactus
 then found a prickly pear
on the cactus
 and then ate it.
 haha or tried to at least

We got to go to Bahama Bucks
and it may be the
 greatest snow cone place on the planet.

Elder Calvillo at zone conference.
Seriously taking pictures with Elders can be rather awkward.
 but it's fine.

We hate a pink cupcake
and it died our hands teeth, and lips pink.

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