Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hey I made it!!

Hey guys! i made it to New Mexico! And then I was quickly sent to Texas! I am serving my first area in El Paso and serving in the University area. My companion is Sister Ingold and she has been out only six weeks! So she's fairly new too. I went contacting yesterday and was pretty much freaking out of my mind, but after I started all the nerves went away. I had to say goodbye to sister Lewis today and I pretty much bawled my face off. It was seriously the hardest goodbye! Well I don't really have any time today. I'll write more next week but DONT SEND MY MAIL TO THE ADDRESS I GAVE YOU! I won't get it for over a month. Send it to this address 225 N Mesa Hills #2412 El Paso Texas 79912. Then I can get it but other then that I won't be getting anything. I love you guys! And I love it here! it is dang hot though! At 5 In the afternoon it is literally over 100 degrees! But all is well and I am excited! Hopefully I can get over this cold though or it's gonna get miserable real fast. Love you all and hope you're doing great!!(:

-Sista Wade

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