Saturday, September 19, 2015

Holy Moly I'm a Missionary!!

 I AM A MISSIONARY!!! What in the world! This is crazy! But I seriously love every second of it. This place is seriously the happiest place on earth! Yeah sorry Disneyland….But honestly I love it! I feel like I am living in a temple. The spirit is so strong. There isn't even a feeling to describe it. I have THE BEST district in the entire world. Seriously. I am so blessed.

 My companion is Sister Vete she is from Oregon and she is Tongan an literally the funniest person EVER. I can't stop laughing when I am around her. There is another set of sisters missionaries in my district as well and they are Sister Lewis and Sister Johnson. Sister Lewis and I are pretty much the exact same person in almost every aspect. She is literally my new best friend. I love her to the moon and back. Oh and we are all in the same room too AND going to New Mexico! I really really hope Sister Lewis and I are companions some time soon but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. There are 6 Elders in our district. There is Elder Lamber, Elder Lyman, Elder Jensen, Elder Williams. (YES CAYSON WILLIAMS FROM HIGH SCHOOL IS IN MY DISTRICT!! AHHHHH SO COOL) Elder Beckstead, and Elder Katilis (sister Vete and I call him Elder Kitty cause we always forget how to say his name. haha) I seriously love every single one of them! We eat every meal together and laugh the entire time! We are all pretty much linked at the hip. When our Branch President interviewed us he came back and said everyone he interviewed said how much they loved our district. We're family. (: We are going to play volleyball tonight for gym and I am so stoked! 

 Sister Vete and I teach our first investigator tomorrow and I am pretty much freaking out. Haha but it has been cool to see the Lord bring to remembrance certain things that I can put into my lessons. Wow this church is so true! I love it with every fiber in my being! I can't wait to share the gospel and bring people closer to Christ. Even if I am freaked out of my mind. But my P Days are actually on Tuesdays but they wanted us to write home and make sure you all knew I was still alive. Haha so I'll write more on Tuesday. But Love you all and hope you guys are doing great!

-Sister Wade
PS I HAVE SEEN LITERALLY 57 PEOPLE THAT I KNOW HERE! haha it's like a big reunion.

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