Wednesday, December 21, 2016

He Wants to Speak to You

DECEMBER 12, 2016

So, I really should start doing this letter first because I always run out of time. haha

But, anyways today I was thinking about the importance of pondering and why we ponder. I was sitting in a lesson yesterday and talking about the Book of Mormon and how it's only through the Holy Ghost that we can know that it is true. Then today I was reading in Helaman 9 and reading about how Nephi gained his knowledge was when he took the time to ponder and really think. These two things I feel like go hand in hand so much! The only way that we can hear the things our Father in Heaven is trying to communicate with us is if we really take the time to think and allow the spirit to talk to us. If we are just reading our scriptures and then moving on to the next thing we are missing that sacred time to have the Holy Ghost testify of truth. We are missing the thing that we need the most. We lose the communication. The gospel of Jesus Christ is not a check off list. We don't have to do A,B and C to be happy we have to do them with real intent and really strive to become. Really strive to have that relationship with our Father and to do His will at all times instead of ours. I want to challenge you to really take that time to ponder as you read the scriptures and allow your Father to talk to you. He loves you and He has so much to tell you but are you listening for the Holy Ghost?

Love you all lots!

-Sister Wade

1. So I was kinda sick this week (yeah, I get sick all the time!!) And so our District leader came to do a baptism interview for Therese and they brought me a gallon of orange juice and it was the best thing ever! haha
2. One of our investigators bought us lunch and we ate it in front of the baptismal font as it was filling up for Therese's baptism and we are pretty sure we are going to make that a tradition.

3. Another investigator got to share her conversion story with the Beehives yesterday and wow, can I tell you she has been looking for this for so long. She really does know that it's true! Her testimony is incredible!!
                                          Elder Pearson at the Mission tour
                              THERESE GOT BAPTIZED!!!! Isn't she the cutest!(:

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