Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sent to do His Will

So, it's that time again. Transfers are upon us! I get to say in the best part of the mission aka LAS CRUCES, and my new companion is Sister Peterson, from Alberta, Canada(: And she is amazing and I can't wait to learn lots and lots from her, she's the cutest(:

Something I love so much is that Christ came to do the will of the Father. He came to fulfill the things that were in store for Him. He came to accomplish His part of the plan.
"...I came into the world to do the will of my Father, because my Father sent me" (3 Nephi 27:13) 
I was thinking about that and I realized that we too came to do His will, and we came because we would. How cool is that? We definitely don't have as big of a role in Heavenly Father's plan as Christ did but each one of us has a job to do here on this earth. We each have individual role's in the plan and He needs us to do our part.

He needs us to be valiant soldiers in His army. He needs us to stand up for what we know to be true. He needs us to share the gospel with everyone. He needs us at our best. That is why He sent us here. That is why we are where we are that this very moment in time because He needs us there and He needs us to act. He didn't send us to earth to gallivant and do whatever we wanted or to do things our way. No He sent us here to do His will to help bring about salvation to every soul. 

Think about how great our calling is as member's of the church to do His will every moment of everyday. Isn't that just amazing that He trusts us enough to give us that responsibility? As I was thinking of this I started to feel a little bit overwhelmed and realized that I haven't been doing everything perfect and then I remembered something my MTC branch president told me. "He didn't call you to fail but to succeed gloriously." 

He called us here to do hard things and to do His will. He knew it would be a struggle He knew we would slip and fall sometimes but the best part of all is He didn't set us up to fail. He didn't call us to fail, but rather to succeed gloriously. He has given us all of the tools and help we need to succeed in this life. To be able to fulfill our purpose in doing His will and ultimately return to live with our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and our families for all eternity, but we've got to use them. We have to do His will in order to receive the blessings and become who He needs us to become. 

Think about that. How are you doing in fulfilling His will and your part of the plan? Then do something about it. 

Well lots of love from Cruces!
-Sister Wade

1. So most people in Cruces don't like to stop and help push cars up a hill to the gas station especially when it's dark, unless 2 19 year old girls, in skirts start doing it, then people are hopping out of their cars left and right to help push random stranger's (who doesn't speak very well English) cars up a hill to the gas station. Try it some some time and see what happens.

2. We may or may not have run as fast as we could down this long road trying to stop some random man's tire that had flown off of his car and we may or may not have run fast enough to actually catch it. But hey it's a good thing we get credit for trying right!(; (bonus points if you can name who said "we get credit for trying" in this last conference.)

Non-existing picture of Sister Peterson and I forgot to take...(Sorry!) But she is great!!
 Okeyyy so read this sign and laugh. Yup it was on a member's door and we aren't allowed to visit them because she has these attack cats that are trained to kill us pretty much. What do you need attack cats for?! They're supposed to be cuddly and fluffy but I guess not in Cruces ahah

Last day with Sister Ferrin ):
goodbyes are no fun.
 Good thing I'll see her in T-2 weeks
in Albuquerque! yahoo!

Elder and Sister Taylor, Sister Ferrin and I when we WON THE CLEANEST APARTMENT, IN ALL OF LAS CRUCES, COMPETITION! (It may have been rigged cause we are Sister Taylor's favorites buuut we wont tell anyone that...)

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