Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Check Your Faith

Last time with President and Sister Miller )':

So Sometimes I like to walk around with my scriptures
 on my head cause that's what normal missionaries do

Wait, I'm a missionary?
Yeah, In 9 days it will be 9 months
and I still can't believe I'm a missionary
I have officially decided that Ether chapter 12 is my favorite chapter in the entire Book of Mormon. (give it 24 hours and it will probably be something else but as for now it's my favorite. (: ) I was reading it this morning and had a mind blowing experience. The verse that really it me was verse 7.

It reads "For it was by faith that Christ showed himself unto our fathers, after he had risen from the dead; and he showed not himself unto them until after they had faith in him; wherefore it must needs be that some had faith in him, for he showed himself not unto the world." 

I thought about that verse and as I was pondering this verse it reminded me of a picture that is hanging in one of the member's homes. It was the picture of Christ on the road to Emmaus. I thought about how after Christ was resurrected he was among his disciples. He talked with them and walked with them and they knew Him not. They didn't realize that it was Him. I thought about this verse and how after the disciples had faith abundantly did they realize that it was Christ. Only after their faith did they see the miracle of the resurrected Jesus Christ. 

How true is that for us. Sometimes we go through life thinking "wow, life is really rough right now. Everything is falling apart, and I need help. I need a miracle. Yet nothing is happening." But we, like the disciples have Christ there by us every step of the way. He is carrying us and yet it is by our unbelief that we can't see it. There are miracles happening. Christ is in our lives but do we have the faith enough to see it? Do we have eyes to see the Lord's hand in our everyday lives not just in the big things? 

I want to challenge all of you to look at your life and look for the everyday miracles that are all around us, and if you feel that in your personal life miracles have ceased, if you feel that there are miracles in other people's lives but not your own, check your faith. (Moroni 7:37) Check your faith, and do everything possible to strengthen it. Christ is there. He is in our personal lives. Miracles are happening everyday, and just like the disciples of old, it's by our faith we get to choose if we see them or not.

Love you all lots. Have the best day ever and look for Him in the fabrics of your everyday lives. I promise it will change your life and change the way you look at things. I know it has for me. 

-Sister Wade 

1. So we met a guy that builds monster trucks and Im pretty sure that is the coolest profession in the history of the world. Like who can say they build monster trucks?! That guy!
2. I went up to ABQ and got to see President and Sister Miller for the last time on my mission. But don't worry they live in Logan so they aren't going to get rid of me that fast. 

3. So sister Ferrin and I had to role play in front of ALL of the the leaders in the church including President and Sister Miller and the assistants and President Sego and all of the zone leaders and sister training leaders in the entire mission and it was the most terrifying thing of my life. But hey we lived so all is well(:

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