Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sail Boat or Tight Like a Dish?

Isn't it so amazing that our Heavenly Father loves us so much that He has literally handed us the guidebook to return back to live with Him? He has literally told us everything we need to do and become in this life to have eternal life. Just think about that for a minute. Isn't that the greatest knowledge in the entire world?! As I was reading in Ether this week I just kept thinking about that. He truly does love us "with all of His heart might mind and strength." (Elder Holland 2016 April Conference) 

I am pretty sure I have read and heard the story of the Brother of Jared at least 54 times on my mission alone but as I read it this time something stood out to me. In chapter 6 it talks about the people "commending themselves unto the Lord their God" (verse 4) Giving of their entire souls to the Lord. Saying in essence "not my will but thine" and entering the ship they had prepared to cross the seas. Immediately after saying that it goes on to talk about the furious winds that came upon the people. The trials they had to go through the hardships they struggled with as they came across the sea. Over and over again they were "buried in the depths of the sea" (v. 6) But my favorite part is in verse 7 when it says "there was no water that could hurt them, their vessels being tight like unto a dish..."

 I thought about that and thought what if the people had decided that they wanted to build the ship the way they wanted. The way they had seen ships being built, and they built a sail boat instead of the ship being "tight like unto a dish" If they would have done it their way instead of the Lord's way their trip to the Americas would not have been so pleasant. When the winds came and buried their ship in the sea they would have drown and never made it to the promised land. If they would have not followed the council of the Lord they wouldn't have made it. Think about that. 

Now think about how that applies to us in our everyday lives. When we left our homes in the Pre-Earth life we told the Father that we would give ourselves to Him. We told him that we wanted to do it His way and ultimately return to live with Him, then we were sent to earth and the trials, or the winds came. And life started to be hard. We started to struggle. But it is a promise that if we turn to Him and do it His way instead of ours we will make it back to live with him.

We can't decide that we know best. We can't say "Heavenly Father thanks for all that you've done but you don't get it. No one has built a ship like that before, so it wont work. I already know it." or "Heavenly Father I don't really need to read my scriptures, look at those people they don't read and they're doing just fine. " We cannot do that if we want to make it safely to the promised land. Safely with our Families in the Celestial Kingdom. We have to do is His way. He has given us the guidebook to return to live with Him but we get to decide if we follow it or not. If we make a sail boat or if we make our "vessels tight like unto a dish." That when the winds and waves come we will be alright. When the trials come at amounts that we feel we can't overcome we will be able to stand tall and thank the Lord in our trials for helping us to become the better. 

Choose today to be tight like unto a dish, that when trails come we won't drown but come out on top.

Love you all lots! Hope you have a fantastic day!! 
Sister Wade 

Okeyyyy so this week I went on exchanges with Hermana Moss in her spanish area and crazy things happened. So we went to dinner at a Mexican Restaurant and we all ordered tacos. After they brought the tacos out they brought out some red chile and some guacamole for our tacos and imediately I think "Man, red chile? That is definitely not as hot as green chile and I love green chile so I guess I can put lots and and hope it will be like the green chile." BAD.IDEA. So i pretty much covered my tacos in red chile and I start eating. After I finish 1 1/2 taco I realize that my mouth is on fire. It is so stinking hot I am pretty sure I could have warmed the arctic with my breath it was so hot and the member eariler had insisted that we get a soda so all I had was soda, and if you know spicy food you know that soda makes it worse, but I didn't now that. So I start drinking my soda as fast as I can. Then my mouth starts getting even hotter and all of a sudden I start laughing and tears are streaming down my face and Hermana Moss turns to me and asks if I'm alright. Haha so I tell her I'm fine its just super hot and then I start pouring guacamole all over the tacos to try and cool them down and still nothing. Haha the member and Hermama moss are dying laughing and the members says "See Hermana Moss her boyfriend just broke up with her and shes having a hard time with it..." :| haha Then Hermana Moss decides well switch tacos cause she loves spicy hot food and it never is too hot for her. So we switch and then all of a sudden she starts tearing up and is sweating and the member is dying laughing and so it was a great fiasco at dinner because Mexican red chile is DEFINITELY hotter than Hatch green chile. 


So again on exchanges I was sitting in a lesson trying so hard to understand and first off I am pretty proud of myself cause I understood 98% of what was going on and that never happens. The gift of tounges is real. But at the end of the lesson I was thinking and all of a sudden I felt like Hermana Moss needed to ask her investigator if she knew anyone that needed the gospel. for some reason I had the strongest feeling that she knew someone that was waiting for the gospel. So while the member was talking I leaned over to Hermana Moss and told her and she said she would ask. When the lesson was over she immediately asked if she knew anyone that could use the gospel and the investigator immediately told her that she had 3 people she knew that needed the gospel and set up times for the hermanas to come and see them. It was seriously the coolest experience ever. Follow the spirit and miracles come.

Last P-Day
we got covered in rotten egg.
So that was fun haha

Hey its Tourtee and Penny

 Love You!

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