Saturday, June 25, 2016

Doorbell or Fire Alarm

Sister Peterson and me (:
This week I can't tell you how grateful I was that our doorbell doesn't work. So super funny some how when they were building our apartment they crossed the wrong wires or something and when you ring the doorbell the fire alarm goes off. Yup, lights flashing and everything. But this week it was such a tender mercy that it wasn't an actual doorbell.

At about 11:30, Tuesday night, I hear this loud alarm going off, but it would sound and then it would stop and then it would sound and then it would stop and I am asleep so I have no clue what is going on, but all of a sudden the fire alarm light starts flashing and instantly I realize something is wrong. I jumped out of bed and walked quickly and quietly to the door. All of a sudden I can hear the Zone Leaders outside of our apartment saying, "Sisters, it's an emergency open up!" and Sister Wade being Sister Wade and still half asleep frankly asks them why we would do that. (haha of course. I would say that...) Then they tell us that the Hermanas had had their apartment broke into (WHILE THEY WERE INSIDE!!) and that they are spending the night with us and we need to tell them where to park.

So, we finally opened the door and ran outside to figure out what was going on. We told the Hermanas where to park as the Zone Leaders brought 2 beds into our apartment. After all was said and done we got the Hermanas all situated and we read scriptures for about and hour and finally fell asleep with 4 beds in this 12 by 12 size bedroom. Which pretty much made it wall to wall beds, which also stayed like that for 3 days until they could find somewhere else to live. 

I can't tell you how grateful I was that the doorbell was wired wrong. Something weird to be grateful for but it wasn't until the fire alarm light went off that it clicked that something was wrong. Honestly I don't think if it was a regular doorbell either Sister Peterson or I would have woken up.They had tried to call us 15 times and because our phone was on silent there was no way to get a hold of us, except for the fire alarm doorbell.

 I know that it wasn't an accident that it had happened the way that it did. It wasn't an accident we were living in the apartment with the weird doorbell. It was such a tender mercy for us and for the Hermanas especially. I love knowing that even in the small things Heavenly Father has a purpose for them and a hand in all things. It's so amazing to know that He loves us that much that He is everywhere in our lives. He gives us little ways of showing us daily that He loves us and is there for us. 

We were driving to a dinner appointment and we passed this lady getting her mail and I had the thought to tell Sister Peterson to stop and to go and talk to her. But I thought it was too weird to immediately stop in front of this lady's house hope out and talk about the gospel with her, so I didn't ): Later, I was talking to Sister Peterson about it and turned out she had the same feeling and neither one of us said anything. So the next day we decided to go back and talk to her. But we didn't know exactly where she lived so we prayed to know where to go. As we were praying we felt prompted to go this specific way. And guess what?! We found the house but there was a huge no trespassing sign so we couldn't knock ): yes follow promptings immediately. I hope someday she gets to meet with the missionaries. 

1. Trying to teach a Canadian how American's say "flag" is the hardest thing ever. Haha 

2. having to fast from our car 2 days every week gets a little sweaty when its 110+ degrees outside. 

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