Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Field is WHITE not brown or green but WHITE

Writing notes to our WML who forgot about our meeting.

We are serving in the middle of no where but I LOVE IT

One of my very first Zone Leaders used to remind us all of the time that in Doctrine and Covenants 4:4 it talks about the field being white ready to harvest. Not brown ready to plant or green ready to water but white ready to harvest. Talking about how there are so many people that the Lord has prepared for this gospel that are ready to accept it and we are called to harvest. Yes, we will be planting and watering all along the way but that our calling is to harvest. This week I was able to see such an amazing miracle come from just this.

I was on exchanges with Hermana Moss in our area and we were knocking this street that Sister Peterson and I had previously prayed about going. We were knocking and not really having very much success in fact the entire time we knocked there was not one person that wanted us to come back. So after our time was up and it was time to head to dinner. We started to drive away and all of a sudden I saw this man doing some yard work and I had the thought come to my mind to pull over and talk to him. I kept driving. I didn't make it 4 feet before I decided I was not going to let one more person go that I felt I needed to talk to even if it meant I had to go completely out of my way to talk to them. So we quickly pulled over and Hermana Moss looked at me and said yup, I had that same feeling except I swear someone was talking to me and said to talk to him.

We got so excited and I turned to her and said "man, he's gonna get baptized and it's going to be all because we followed our prompting." We went over and talked to him and guess what? He was NOT interested in anyway shape or form and he pretty much told us to get off of his property. We started walking back to the car and we were talking about how sometimes the Lord just needs to know we are willing to listen to whatever we he asks of us. 

In that very moment a woman walked outside of her house and I had that same distinct impression to talk to her. So we started talking to her and low and behold she was elect. She told us that she had grown up going to 5 different churches but knew that none of them were true so she stopped going all together. She had such a desire to know the truth but didn't know where to find it. I can't tell you how strongly i felt the spirit in that moment. We came back a couple of days later and she told us she was counting down the hours until we were meeting with her. After we shared the first vision with her she said she knew it was true and knew that Heavenly Father was preparing her to receive the truth by going to so many different churches so that when we came around she would know that it was true. 

It was seriously the biggest miracles. If we hadn't pulled over to talk to that man we never would have met Brandy. Heavenly Father knows His children and knows where they are. He knows what they need and will send people to help in the very moment that they need it. 


Sister Wade

P.S. The sad part of the story is we found out later we were 2 streets out of our area and that she is in a different ward so the Elders are going to teach her. ): BUT she'll be baptized in like a week I can feel it!

1. When we started singing "America the Beautiful" In Sacrament meeting Sister Peterson substituted the word "America" for "Canada" and started singing "Oh, Canada" while the rest of us sang "My Country Tis of Thee" #canadapride... until the 4th rolled around and she wore all America colors. 

2. I am convinced the reason I did not get called Spanish Speaking is because every Spanish lesson I go into they have the lights off, the fan going, and a really comfy couch,so much that I almost fall asleep. Yup, so glad I'm a Sister not an Hermana (:

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