Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Little Miracles Go a Long Way

Last week we had dinner with a member and she told us that she wanted us to go by and visit her Niece Cami who isn't a member. We went by and immediately her and her husband invited us in and they tell us that they don't know what church is true and they want to raise their 2 little kids knowing Christ and where to turn when they need help but they don't for themselves how can they teach their kids. We were so excited to tell them that Christ really is there and he really does know what they are going through and He wants them to know where to find peace and comfort. After we told them they told us that they wanted so badly to come to church and to be baptized. 

Definitely a tender mercy.

Well love ya all!
-Sister Wade

1. So we met this guy, Alex, a couple of weeks ago at the park and he was really interested and he gave us his phone number and we tried calling and texting him and we couldn't ever get an appointment cause he was super busy. Then we picked a random street to knock and guess whose street it was?! Yup, Alex and he didn't even give us his address so that was crazy! And we have a lesson with him tomorrow! Heavenly Father truly is looking out for His children and He knows them personally. 
2. That moment when you walk into the library and Elder Rayl's only comment is "Sister Wade you look really tired!"  Thanks Elder....
3. Sister Peterson got pretty sick and we are thinking that she may be gluten intolerant which is never fun
4. We knocked on this guys door that had a sign that said "No soliciting. No roofing. No hail damage." As we were knocking we were wondering what in the world that sign meant he opened the door and told us that he had a no soliciting sign and so we quickly told him that we weren't selling anything. He pointed to the sign again and said "that means no knocking." So apparently if you see a sign that says "No soliciting. No roofing. No hail damage." what it really means is no knocking. Haha like what?
5. Oh and TRANSFERS ARE TOMORROW! (That's why were emailing today) and Sister Peterson and I are staying in Cruces(:

6. When your lesson cancels and your members says "Okay Sister's you need Sonic were going there right now and your getting a large whatever you want." I.Love.The.Curnutt.Family.

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