Monday, July 18, 2016

Reach Your Potential

This week I have been thinking a lot about potential and reaching our potential and it brought be back to something President Miller told us at our last MLC with him. He talked about how we always talk about "someday" reaching our potential. We never really talk about reaching our potential. He then went on to talk about how each day we can reach our potential for that day. Each day we are striving to be the best us that we can and then we reach our potential for the day. Then when were sleeping Heavenly Father raises the bar a little so the next day we can strive to reach our potential and then the cycle begins again. Thus helping us reach our eternal potential to become like our Heavenly Father. 

I love that concept. Thinking about how each day we can reach our potential. Are the things we are doing helping us to reach that daily potential? Yeah, were going to fall and make mistakes and I completely believe that there are many days I haven't done my best or reached my full potential for that day but I love that Heavenly Father loves us and as we rely on Him we will reach our potential, daily and eternally.  

Well I hope ya all have the best day of your entire life and reach your potential TODAY! love ya! Oh and this talk goes right along with reaching our own potential. You should ready it. (: I'm pretty sure it's my favorite at the moment. 

Love, Sister Wade

1. Pretty much knocking doors is what we do on the norm all day everyday
2. So our vacuum broke and so we are "borrowing" the elders and secretly we keep it so that when we find cockroaches/earwigs/spiders we trap them under cups and then suck them up in their vacuum. Haha yup still afraid of bugs
3. Exact obedience brings MIRACLES. 
4. Road tripping to ABQ has become the norm. Same with having to take a car to Pep Boys


 The videos we make when we are in 100+ degrees
 so the Barreras (TJ, Ethan, and Lily) got baptized but the picture looks horrible so I'm not sending it.(:

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