Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Just fly the plane

Yesterday I got to go back to El Paso! Yeah!! Haha it was so weird being down there again and knowing the area we were in better than my companion. But we got to have zone conference down there and it was amazing as expected(:

President Miller told us about this experience he had flying airplanes. (I was pretty sure he was turning into President Uchtdorf haha) He was telling this story of a time when he was out of control of the plane. The plane was spinning every which way. He remembers flying straight up, straight down, upside down and every direction you can think of. When he was in such turmoil he remembered the one thing his trainer told him. "When you don't know what to do just fly the plane. When turbulence gets crazy just fly the plane." He related it back to doing the things we were taught to do by our trainers and going back to the basics of missionary work but I kinda took a different spin on it.

As I was sitting there thinking about it I began to think of the basics in the gospel. Such as reading the scriptures, saying our prayers, going to church, going to the temple, doing family home evening and so on and so forth. That in times of trial sometimes we forget the most important things. We start trying to overcompensate. We think that there's got to be some huge elaborate thing that is so intricate that we have to do in order to find peace in our lives and to find that order again. But in reality we just need to fly the plane. Do the simple things. Those simple things are the basics of our beliefs. We need to go back to the primary answers and ask ourselves if we are doing those things. For those things truly are the things that keep our planes flying in the direction that they need to be in order to find strength and peace. In order to make it back to the presence of God. 

I want to challenge all of you to look at your life. Weather it seems as if all is in complete chaos or you seem to be doing just fine and ask yourself are you trying to overcompensate or are you flying the plane? Are you doing those things that will keep your foundation in Jesus Christ strong or are you missing the mark? Then do something about it. Today strive to be a little better. Work on one thing that you are struggling with and commit yourself to do better. I promise you will find more peace and purpose in your life. 


Sister Wade

1. So we refuse to buy a GPS cause we don't wanna spend $100 on one so we are going old school and using a map to get everywhere! haha It's so fun! I officially am speedy quick at it now. 
2. Because I am over 2 wards I go to 5 hours of church a week and it's seriously the best thing ever.

3. Calichies is the best frozen custard in the world. no big deal.
                                            Flashback to El Paso
                                  when we got to ride (actually just sit)
                                   in this giant old school airplane haha 

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