Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Right Through the Front Door

I got to go to the temple yesterday and man I love it there more than anything. I have literally been craving the temple for such a long time and I was so excited to be able to go. I want to challenge all of you to take the soonest opportunity to go to the temple and feel how much your Heavenly Father loves you. It truly is the best feeling in the world. Being someone that only gets to go every 6 months and when I do get to go it takes 4 hours to get there it makes me realize how many of us take the temple for granted. So I'm challenging you to "Stop it" and go as soon as you can!(:

This week I was studying in Alma and I was reading about Amalickiah and Captain Moroni. In the part that I as reading Amalickiah wanted to destroy the Nephites and so he took his army to what previously was the weakest part of the Nephites, but when he got there it had actually become the strongest part, and now there was a HUGE wall built around the city. Thus being said the only way into the city was through the front entrance. 

As I was sitting there contemplating what this means for me personally I realized a couple of different things. 1. That when we truly give ourselves to the Savior he can make our weaknesses become our strengths. He can make the little imperfections that we have become our strongest attributes. 2. That as we continue to do the little things such as reading our scriptures daily as a family and personally, as we read daily, attend church, take of the sacrament, hold family home evening, attend the temple, keep the commandments, attend seminary or institute we can continually build this wall around us, so that when the adversary comes he will have to come through the front door, so to speak. Trials are going to come. Satan is going to try and attack us. If we don't have that wall up he can pretty much sneak up on us and attack our weak points, but if we continue to build that wall and continue to give ourselves to Christ, Satan and trials and temptations HAVE to come through the front door. There is no other place for them. Some of you may be thinking why in the world would I want him to come through the front door? Think about it. How much easier is it to defend yourself when you know exactly how the enemy is going to strike? It is extremely easier to put all of your men at one point and attack the second the enemy enters. There is no way he can enter without being spotted. 

This is exactly what happened to the Nephites. After they built the wall the Lamanites had to come through the front entrance and in doing so the Nephites gained a great victory in what used to be the weakest part of the city. 

I know that when we do the little things and build up our wall there is nothing that can get by us. There is no temptation too great no trial to hard that we cannot overcome but first we must give ourselves to our Savior and allow him to make our weak things strong and then in doing so continue on the path that leads to eternal life by doing the little things. I love this gospel with everything that I am and I love being able to share it with everyone I see. Love you all and have a great day!!(:


Sister Wade(: 

We like to make crazy faces haha

 Love her and miss her lots
 it was definitely a tender mercy to be able to see her again

 President Miller challenged us to take our own family name to the temple
 and I got to take Irene Blizzard!
 (I can't remember where she is in my family tree but hey she's there some where!)
 It was probably the greatest thing ever.

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