Tuesday, March 15, 2016

With Faith There is No Room for Doubt

Ken's baptism(:

Dana carrying me around like
a dead person haha
This week Ken got baptized!! It was seriously the most elect person I have ever met in my entire life! The first time we met him we would ask him a question and he would end up teaching us the principle. It was seriously the craziest thing ever. After he was baptized he came up out of the water and you could see in his eyes how much he knew this was true. He was glowing. He stayed in the font for about 2 minutes just contemplating and the spirit was so strong. You could not deny it. He has such a strong testimony and he was been wanting to be baptized for a long time but he wanted to be baptized in the correct church. When he met with us he said he knew instantly that we were the only true church on the face of the earth. He truly has been amazing to teach! So amazing. 

This week I was reading in Alma. Once again. Haha I'm almost done I promise! But I was reading about the 2000 stripling warriors. We all know the scripture where it talks about them not fearing death and all my life I was convinced the reason they didn't fear death was because they knew what happens after death. This time as I read through the story I realized something completely different. They didn't fear death but it wasn't necessarily because they weren't afraid of dying but because they had the faith that Heavenly Father would protect them. "...yea they had been taught by their mothers that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them." 
I love that phrase so much. They did not doubt. They had 100% faith in the Lord and faith that the lord would bring miracles into their life. But they also knew that the second they allowed doubt to creep into their minds the miracles would cease. They knew that because of their faith they would have God on their side. Because of their faith they would be blessed for allowing and helping their parents keep their covenants. 
In our own lives its the exact same thing. Do we allow our faith to carry us? Do we know that by our faith miracles come. By our faith we can accomplish all that the Lord has in store for us. But in those moments that we allow doubt to creep in it's then that we stumble and fall. 

I want to challenge you all to strengthen your faith. To rely on the Savior and expect blessings and miracles to come through your faith. Love you all have the best week ever! OH WHO WENT TO THE TEMPLE?! If you didn't go this week!! 

Love Sister Wade

1. We may have knocked into a crazy old man who happened to be a member and he tried to impress us by saying really big words and famous people's names but really he didnt make any sense. Oh and he is convinced he is going to change the face of missionary work... yeah I don't really get it either haha
2. Dana a PT in our ward decided she was going to treat me like a semi dead person and picked me up and carried me all around

3. My favorite STL had to go home for surgery ):

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