Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Lord is my Light

This is us at the service project
and this is one of my favorite people in the entire Universe
I just love conference so much and I am pretty much still on a conference high, so you may be getting my notes from my person study on conference for the next couple of weeks haha. But anyways, I was reading President Monson's talk that he gave in the Sunday morning session this week and something really stood out to me. 

He quoted this poem

I met a stranger in the night
Whose lamp had ceased to shine.
I paused and let him light 
His lamp from mine.

A tempest sprang up later on
And shook the world about.
And when the wind was gone 
My lamp was out!

But back to me the stranger came 
His lamp was glowing fine!
He held the precious flame 
And lighted mine!

I love the 2nd and 3rd stanzas in this poem. there are so many times in our lives that our light dims that the trials we go through leave us questioning and our testimonies are shaken. There will be times that we think we can't go on anymore. But if we turn to our Savior He will relight our flame. We read in John 8:12 "[He is] the light of the world; he that followeth [Him] shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life."

If we constantly reconcile ourselves with the Savior He will share his light with us and help us regain our footing. He will help us hold to the iron rod so that our light doesn't dim again. So that when our tempest comes again we will be able to have our light burning at the end of it. Because He is our light. In Matthew 5:14 it says "let your light so shine..." Let your testimony of the Savior shine. Share it with others. Help them to come to Christ so that he can share His light with them. We can help others find their light through Christ. We can do that because our light is ultimately His. He is the light of the world.

Sorry it's so short today but I just want each of you to know how much I love my Savior and how much He has strengthened me and he can strengthen you if you are willing to turn your will over to Him. 

Love you all!! and if you haven't had the chance to reread/read the priesthood session of conference, in particular the talk Faith is not by chance by by choice do so right now. it is seriously AMAZINGLY powerful!! Have the best day ever!

-Sister Wade

Oh and I'm doing good haha I forgot that part(:

1. We celebrated American Thanksgiving with a Filipino Family and ate Mediterranean food
2. I went on exchanges with the Spanish STLs and realized I know nothing in Spanish haha
3. We met a Jewish lady who gave Hermana Holding (the STL I was on exchanges with) a brand new coat 
4. Texas is the cockiest state ever! They even have noodles shaped after them haha
5. My companions are convinced I am going to be one of "those missionaries" that is married within the 6 months of being home haha 
they even have a list of people I am allowed to marry haha too funny! 
6. One of my favorite people in the ward, Tony, is in the military and just got stationed in Hawaii and sunday was his last day so all of us missionaries are way sad....
7. We got to help with the annual Thanksgiving day parade clean up and these are the shirts we got(:

Rackley, Ingold and Me

Me, Rackley, and Ingold

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