Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Yes, Christmas Adam is the day before Christmas Eve because Adam came before Eve. Haha I crack myself up... BUT anyways!! This week has been CRAZY and I literally have zero time to email today so it's gonna be super short. 

DRIA, (dree-uh, short for Alexandria) GOT BAPTIZED!!!! Ahh! I am so so so excited for her! And her boyfriend, Andrew, got to baptize her! I seriously love this girl to the moon and back and I am super excited I got to meet her and have her apart of my life. She seriously has the strongest faith. She has done a complete 180 in less than 6 weeks. She truly was someone that was prepared for this gospel. She is awesome and such a role model for me too! Next up is hers and Andrew's sealing in the SALT LAKE TEMPLE at the end of March 2017 and guess what that means? I get to be there!! AHH! Well they have to get married first but they're getting engaged like this week so pretty much next is the sealing haha. I am too excited for her!(: 

I can't believe it is Christmas this week! Seriously where has this year gone?! But something that I love so much is the Christmas spirit. But what I love so much about it and especially being on a mission with it is that we can feel the Spirit of Christmas all year round. It truly is just the Spirit of Christ. We can feel of that Christ-like love for everyone all year round. When we are striving to do that which the Savior did we are feeling that love. When we are studying our scriptures and keeping the commandments we can feel of that spirit. What will you do this next year to keep the spirit of Christmas always with you? 

Sorry this is super short and probably makes zero sense, but hey that's what happens on the mission some times. Especially to Sister Wade haha. 

love you all to the moon and back and hope you have the BEST Christmas ever! I am so excited to spend my first Christmas out in the field doing what the Savior himself did. What better way to celebrate Him than to teach as He did? Well love you. Merry Christmas!!

-Sister Wade(:

oh P.S. if you emailed me this week and didn't get a response I am super sorry and will make sure you get an email back next week! We stayed a little long at the Zoo today with our recent convert so our email time got cut down to nothing. 

1. This week I learned that I have fully been converted to Texas. I love it here and I have always said that Utah has the best sunsets in all of the world but that is officially false. El Paso trumps all so I am so grateful I get to be surrounded by such beauty that the Lord has blessed us with! Wow I seriously love it here!!(:
2. I learned that I officially talk in my sleep and have full conversations with my companion multiple times through out the night. Haha so that is fun. I am semi worried she will find out every detail of my life this way without me even knowing. haha  

Andrew, Dria, Me, and Sister Ingold

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