Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I'm El Paso famous no big deal.

So funny story. 

It snowed like 3 feet here in El Paso. Yes, snow in El Paso. And because it's El Paso and no one knows how to drive in the snow the freeway and major highways were all shut down and because of that church ended up getting canceled as well. Which was a super weird thing because I don't think I have ever had church canceled before in my life. So we get a text from our Zone Leaders telling us to go out and shovel snow for people. And naturally we ask where they want us to get shovels. No one has any. It's El Paso it never snows here. So they told us to go buy some. Sister Wade being Sister Wade casually told them that obviously they didn't know the commandments well enough and needed to relearn the 4th one. (Keep the Sabbath day holy aka no shopping on Sunday) Within Seconds we get a text back saying "Matthew 12:10-12 then go and do." Haha I don't think I have ever been told to go shopping on Sunday. Let along on my mission but we were so we did. Then it took us a mop, a broom, 2 little hand brooms, and 45 minutes to get our car out of the parking lot haha. 

We drove to Walmart bought some shovels and decided to shovel a recent converts driveway because he has bad back problems. We finished his and then started doing others around him when all of a sudden a channel 9 news truck pulls up and asks if he can film us. So he gets out and starts filming us. Like two young-ish girls in skirts shoveling random people's snow isn't normal. haha Then he starts interviewing us haha SUPER funny! He didn't like it when we started talking about the church so he quickly changed the subject. But he told us we were going to be on the news later that night. SAY WHAT?!?! Haha So I am pretty sure if you were to Google "Sister Wade in El Paso Channel 9" It may just possibly pull up. haha Oh and then to top it off the Zone leaders told us we had to shovel in skirts so we did. Then later that night we got a call from our District leader and he told us that the zone leaders told them they could shovel in regular clothes. Jeans and such. HOW RUDE right?! Haha oh well we wouldn't have gotten on the news if we weren't in skirts. But too funny.

But on to a more spiritual note. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH EVERYONE THAT WROTE THEIR TESTIMONY FOR ME! It was the best Christmas present I could have ever gotten. It made my day and I loved being able to hear all of your testimonies! It may have filled up my letter binder but I can't thank y'all enough for those. They will forever be cherished(: 

Wow this week was amazing. I truly have gained a true and deep love for the Book of Mormon. Personal study time is one of my favorite times of the day! The Book of Mormon has become my favorite book in the entire world. I have always grown up with people telling me that "oh the Book of Mormon is my favorite" But I always secretly thought "okay you're just trying to sound like a goody two shoes, what REALLY is your favorite book?" But I get it now. That book has a power that in unreal. A power that is really from our Heavenly Father. It has the power to heal, to comfort, to testify, to bring to our remembrance the things that we once knew in the pre-mortal life. 

It's funny that I am just now getting a greater understanding of the book. I can't count on my fingers how many times I have read it. I always thought that there were awesome truths in the Book of Mormon and I always had a testimony of it, but now I truly love it with every fiber in my being. I don't want to put it down.

I was reading this week in Mormon 9 and studying about the Plan of Happiness and there is a verse in there that I love. (Okay, actually I love it all but it's the verse I want to talk about) The verse is 3-4 as I was reading it I realized something. I realized that so many people thing we are trying to "buy our way into the Celestial Kingdom" not necessarily with money but by our works, by doing those good things but we aren't. Yes, we still do those good things but we are trying to create Heaven here so that we will be comfortable in His presence. We are trying to do those good things but not so we can say we did them and then make it to the Celestial kingdom, but rather so that it becomes our way of life and so we want to do those good things and so we are comfortable in our Heavenly Father's presence. 

Sorry this email so eternity long but I just want y'all to know how much I love this gospel, my Savior, Heavenly Father and the Book of Mormon. I also want to challenge y'all to study the Book of Mormon daily and with more purpose as you do so. I promise that as you do so you will grow closer to our Heavenly Father and Savior and you will come to love the Book of Mormon as much as I do.

Sister Wade!(:
 Sister Wade on Wade Rd
(I now know why I was sent to El Paso haha jokes)

 The first picture is of the cute family
that took us in for Christmas Eve(:
Steven Sodeborg is the one in our ward and this is his family

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