Friday, February 24, 2017

Remember how I left part of my Heart in El Paso? Yup, Im Back! (:

Soooooo.... We have been having technical difficulties so email time got cut to less than half so sorry if you didn't get a response. ): I'll respond next week!

I had something super incredible to share with ya'll today buuuuut I don't have time to write it anymore so I'll just save it for next week! 

Yup, you read that right I am officially back in El Paso! I started here and I'll end here. Crazy to think I've come full circle. My new companion is Sister Huebner. She just finished being trained. 

I was so so so sad to leave Woodmont and Ventana it was super hard to leave some of my favorite people. But I'm happy Sister King got to stay(: She feels like she always gets transferred so it's exciting she gets to finish her mission in such great wards!! And I'm excited to start with a new ward, new faces and everything new in an area I am kinda familiar with.

saying goodbye to my favorite people in the entire world.
(Idk what order the computer put them in but there is the Stokes, Danny + Monica, Stetson  + Kaelee + Joe + Brother White + Lexi, and Dinner with Uncle John + Bishop Kemsley and his wife, and the Hath family

Danny + Monica

The Hath family

Bishop and Sister Kemsley & Uncle John

The Stokes Family((:

Alex, Lexi, Joe Cheney, Kaelee and Stetson Chandler

Also I got some yummy Valentine's Day treats!! 
Thanks Shaw family!!(:

Annnnndddd We went heart attacking with Gracen Pond. I love that girl so much!

Me and Sister King

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