Monday, February 6, 2017


So lately I have been trying really hard to write in my journal and to keep a study journal during personal study time, and I realized something - the more revelation we write down the more revelation we are going to get. I was thinking about it yesterday, how II feel like I have found more answers to prays lately and I have received so much more knowledge in the gospel and I was trying to figure out why and it hit me.Someone once told me "revelation not written down is revelation lost" so in that moment I realized that the reason I was receiving more answers and more knowledge was because now I was willing to write it down. So, all in all I wanted to challenge each one of you to keep a journal. To keep a study journal and a regular journal. So that you can show Heavenly Father how willing you are to listen to Him and the things He wants to tell you.

Think about the Prophets of the Book of Mormon or even the Prophets in the Bible. What would have happened if they didn't write in their journal? Then today we wouldn't have scripture. So especially if you don't feel like you are receiving answers keep a journal and show your Father in Heaven that you really want to know.

Love ya'll!
Sister Wade

So crazy cool miracle!! In another ward in our Stake there was a man who used to be a Baptist preacher and a Sagebrush (a mega church here in ABQ) Minister who was getting baptized and Sister King and I wanted more than anything to go to this baptism to hear his testimony. The rule is that if it's not your baptism you need to bring a Less Active Member or an investigator or a recent convert. So as we were waiting for our recent convert to come to the baptism we were outside standing by the curb looking for her car when all of a sudden a car drove up. We were expecting to see our member but instead a girl named Tyler, rolled down her window and asked if services were going on and if she could come. We told her that there was a baptism and she was more than welcome to come. She quickly parked her car and got out. She told us that she was coming home from work and saw cars in the parking lot and was so excited. She had tried coming to the church a couple of weeks ago but no one was there and the doors were locked. But she wanted so badly to come. During the baptism she was so engaged and loved every moment. Especially when Jeremy, bore his testimony. She told us that she felt something so different here and wanted to continue to feel it. She told us that she would willingly do anything that her Father in Heaven directs her to. She truly is amazing, and loves her Father in Heaven so much. After the baptism she got to walk around with us and talk to some members and hear their conversion stories and she was loving ever minute of it! It was so incredible!! Then she got to meet with the YSA elders too!! Heavenly Father really does know his children and knows where they are and what they need.(:


So there is a little old native man on one of the reservations that is a member and he makes these awesome native CTR rings, so I just had to buy one. It says CTR and NMAM (New Mexico Albuquerque Mission) and then it has real turquoise on it and I finally got mine so Sister Ingold and I took twinning pictures(:

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