Monday, February 6, 2017

Obedience Brings the Biggest Miracle of All

So we had the coolest training known to man. It was a World Wide Training with all of the Missionaries from all over the world!

One of my favorite things that was said was said by Elder Bednar. He talked about gifts. He talked about how the Lord decides when those gifts are given. He has so many in store for each one of us, yet sometimes they aren't the gifts we are expecting that we get. (Alma 26:22)

Something I've learned on my mission is that obedient missionaries take place in helping people come unto the Savior through baptism and so do disobedient missionaries, and even sometimes when you are as obedient as you can be you don't seem to see any success. Everyone slams the door in your face and everyone is fine with life how it is - they don't want to change. But it's in those moments that we get to make a choice. We get to show the Lord how much we truly love Him through our obedience. It's in those moments that we say "You know, it doesn't matter what the outcome I will be obedient because that is what Heavenly Father has asked of me." It's in those moments that it would be so easy to slip and stop doing those little things and it wouldn't seem to make any difference that it makes the greatest difference.

We are always told that exact obedience blessings miracles. I believe that in the moment that we are exactly obedient to the Lord no matter the out come is when the greatest miracle of all happens--becoming. It's in those moments that we truly change our nature. It's in those moments that we receive the gift we didn't expect but we receive the greatest gift of all.

It's in the moment when everything in life is going wrong. And everything seems to be falling apart that we can say "I'm done.I've been reading my scriptures everyday, going to church every sunday, praying multiple times a day and nothing is happening." Or we can hold on to what we know. Keep doing the little things and witness the greatest miracle. We can change and become true Disciples of our Savior Jesus Christ. It's easy to follow the commandments when you seem to be reaping amazing blessing from it daily, but doing it when we don't seem to be seeing the blessings is when the biggest blessings happen.

Love you!

-Sister Wade

1. The Sister that we threw a baby shower for is in labor as we speak and soon there will be pictures of little Isaiah(:
2. During the World Wide Missionary Training they decided to change our morning/night schedule and our key indicators and everything I feel like! It's crazy!!
3. John is awesome, and he's progressing! Slowly but surly. The first time we met with him we extended the baptismal invitation he said "No, I'm a baptized Presbyterian". The next time he said "I just want to learn" then it turned to "When I'm ready" and this last week he said "Sisters, I know I will get there. It may be tomorrow and it may be in a couple of months. I know I'll get there but I'm not quite there yet. " It's little steps but it's incredible to see!!

4. John calls himself our Uncle J! haha it's the best! He's this older Navajo guy that we just love(:

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