Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 1 in Albuquerque(:

This week has definitely been an adventure. I have loved getting to know the area and I am so blessed that it is a small area that I think I've got it down. It was amazing though to see the Lord's hand is all things this week. There were so many tender mercies.

At Sacrament our ward did one of the coolest things. They turned the sacrament meeting into almost a second testimony meeting where anyone could stand up and bear their testimony but they would bear their testimony about a hymn and how it has touched them, then we would sing the hymn. It was so great to see how music truly does have a great spirit about it, and how people have had their testimonies strengthened so much because of a simple hymn about our Savior. Truly amazing. 

I can't even begin to express how much my testimony of my Savior has been strengthened in just the last week. One of the Hermanas I was serving with in Cruces had told me about something that had strengthened her testimony and I wanted to try it out. She told me that every day she write a letter to the Savior and because of it her testimony and her love for the Savior and what He had done, for her in particular, had increased immensely. I decided to try it out and man, I can't tell you enough how true that is. I have been able to see how the Atonement affects me on a daily basis and how much I have grown to rely more on Him and to do His will at all times. So just a thought but you should try it out and see how much more aware you are of Him in your everyday life.

I was also reading in the Book of Mormon this week (like usual) and I realized a common theme. In Mosiah 24 the Lord had provided a way for the people to overcome their trials and be released from bondage. What he had asked them to do was to leave everything they had and journey into the wilderness. As I read that I realized how many times the Lord had asked His people to leave everything and go into the wilderness. There is the Children of Israel, Nephi and his family, the Pioneers, and now Alma and his people. He asks His people to leave their comfort zone and to trust him. Some of these people were asked to leave for 40 years, others only 12 days but whatever it may be the Lord asks us to leave our comfort zones and to follow Him. To lay aside the things that we want, that are most comfortable for us and to follow Him. To trust that whatever plan He has in store for us is better than anything else. 

Well Love you lots. have the best day ever!
Sister Wade

Stop whatever you are doing and read this talk. (:

1. So super funny... So with both Sister Markus and I being new to the area at transfers we were handed the keys to the car and a map to the apartment and that was about it. So we followed the map and we pulled up, parked the car and headed to apartment B. I pulled out the keys and they key went it but I couldn't get it to turn. And with me being me I'm not the best at unlocking things anyways, so I tried the other key. As I tried to unlock the door Sister Markus says "Hey look we have a doorbell!" and then proceeded to ring it about 15 times to test it out. When all of a sudden a dog starts barking. We looked at each other and realized there was no picture of Jesus visible and we promptly ran back to the car and drove away to our real apartment. Yeah, talk about awkward... haha
2. That moment when you start talking to someone in English and they quickly tell you then don't speak English so your first reflex is to speak Spanish, but then when you're me they tell you that they don't speak Spanish either, but Arabic.... yeah that may or may not have been embarrassing.

3. Our apartment may be invested with spiders and Sister Markus may wake up with a new spider bite ever morning.
Look! So much green in one picture.
 No, I did not leave the state I am still in NM haha

                      Tom tan lines for days

                    Uhhh Elder De Cookman
         I think you left something in our apartment....

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