Thursday, October 6, 2016

German May be the Celestial Language, but Albuquerque is the Celestial Mission

I can't tell you enough how much I love General Conference. And what was truly amazing is that I was able to take several questions to the different sessions of Conference and you will never believe it. I got answers to ALL of my questions! Yeah, not just one or two answers but every single question I had was answered with a resounding impact on me, so much that I cannot deny how much our Father in Heaven knows us, and he doesn't just know us as a cluster of his children, but he knows us, each of us so personally. He knows what we are going through and He knows the ups and the downs and He knows you better than you know yourself. Something else that I found was super interesting was that not one of the speaker came out and said "Sister Wade, here is your answer. This is what you need to do." But it was by the subtle feelings of the Spirit that I was able to receive answers. I know that the Spirit teaches all of us, but we get the choice to listen with our Spiritual ears and hear the whispers of the spirit or to listen with only our physical ears. The choice is ours. Buuuuutttt for those of you that didn't catch it during the Saturday Afternoon Session that President Eyring mentioned Albuquerque and when he served his mission here and it was so exciting, and all of us missionaries just loved it.(:

But anyways, we have been teaching this girl named, Kelsey, and she is seriously the cutest little mom ever. She is Native American and she is just so cute. We have been struggling to get her to come to church and a miracle happened because she drove all the way across town to come and watch General Conference with us. And when she came she brought her little girl, Kasey who is four, and Kasey sat through conference completely quite just listening and THEN she told us she was so excited and wanted to come to the Sunday Session of Conference too!! It was seriously such a huge miracle, and we were all so excited(:

I just love being a missionary and love seeing the Lord's hand in all things. I know that he is there. I know that His Son lives and that He knows each of us. If we turn to Him we will see that He has always been waiting for us to come to Him and partake of the blessings he has to offer. I love this gospel with everything that I am. 

Love you all so much! Have the best day ever! 
-Sister Wade

1. So we met this cute family at Conference that were refugees from Africa and they came to watch the prophet speak even though they didn't really even speak English. In fact only the dad new a little, but they were being taught by missionaries in Africa and they knew how important keeping the Sabbath day Holy and listening to the prophet is so they came. And they said they want to be baptized so yeah!! 

2. We were calling former investigators and called this lady named Maria and she told us she was so excited we called and wanted us to come by, so we did and come to find out she is already a member in the Spanish Branch! haha who knew!! 

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