Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Lord's Hand in All Things

Wow, okay I don't even know where to start. There has been so many countless miracles this week. As I was reading Alma 26 today I couldn't help but think of all of the miracles the Lord has blessed Sister Markus and I with this transfer. "I cannot say the smallest part which I feel" of the Love the Lord has for His children and how prominent His hand is in His work. 

(Miracle #1) So, a couple of weeks ago I wrote some letters to a couple of families I didn't get to say goodbye to that live in Las Cruces and this week I got a reply from a couple of them. In one of the letters the member told me that she had a son and daughter-in-law that lived in Albuquerque, and that I should go and try to find them. Which was super exciting but Albuquerque is pretty big and the area I am in is pretty small so I didn't know how likely it was that her family was going to live in my area, but we typed it in the GPS and you'll never believe it THEY ARE IN OUR AREA. Yeah, so cool! So we went over to visit them and low and behold they were home and want us to come back this Saturday! Such a huge miracle.

(Miracle #2) Remember that Deaf man we met a couple of weeks ago? So, so we went back to try and see him again and he was super excited to see us and we are going back to see him this week and the biggest miracle in the whole situation is that when we told our Bishop that we were going to start teaching the Deaf man and we both sign he got really excited because his oldest son is Deaf! Who would have guessed! He told us that he wants us to pray to find all of the Deaf people in our area so that we can teach all of them. Then he gave us these LDS ASL dictionaries and a challenge to say all of our prayers in Sign Language. Which as we have been doing that our prayers have been so amazing and super meaningful, because we really have to think about what we are going to say and it is just amazing. We are convinced we are going to make a Deaf Branch here in ABQ.

(Miracle #3) When our Bishop was called to be our Bishop he had a very strong feeling that every single door in our ward needed to be knocked by the full time missionaries and then huge miracles would be brought to pass. So we looked at our map before we went knocking and picked a street that hasn't been knocked and headed out. As we were knocking this street we knocked into a family that used to be members but had their records removed. As they did they asked for the members not to come around. Well all in all the Missionaries are the only people that can contact them and we just "happened" to knock on their door when it was raining and the just "happened" to let us in. Come to find out they had talked with the missionaries before us too. I know that the Lord truly is aware of them and is softening their hearts little by little. 

Love you all lots and hope you are realizing the Lord's hand in your everyday lives. 

1. "If there is a flood I will be the first one to go, because I don't know how to swim." -Sister Petty
2. (At 7:45 at night) "Go home! It's late! You're gonna get shot and then yell *yells* 'FERNANDO!!' and I'm gonna say sorry I can't here you I'm Deaf."' - Fernando PS We were in a real safe part of down just FYI haha
3. "Run away from all clowns! They're here in Albuquerque run away!" -Sister Petty
4. "Now don't stand too close to doors or someone may pull you in!" -Sister Petty
Haha This week has been such a fun adventure! Too many funny quotes. Oh by the way Sister Petty is an older Native American Lady and is just the funniest thing! 

Oh and Sister Markus is teaching me Navajo!! 

Oh and P-Days are going to be on Mondays from now on. Just a heads up(:

Sister Gibbons, Sister Aguillon and I     

Can't have a book exchange
without a Book of Mormon

The Spanish Elders almost hit our car.
Yup, that was a close call.


Hikes are fun    

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