Sunday, October 23, 2016

Prayer is...

Prayer is Vital.
Prayer is strength.
Prayer is a sign of love.
Prayer is a Miracle.
Prayer is our spiritual life line.

Isn't it amazing that God could have us call Him anything but what He asks us to call Him is Father. Not only does he want us to know that we are literally His spirit children but He also wants us to know that we can turn to Him in any moment. He wants each of us to have a personal relationship with him. He wants us to know Him and come to rely on Him. In all things. Prayer truly is one of the greatest gifts we could ever have. We were talking this week in District Council how the only way we can know spiritual truths is through prayer and I sat there and thought about it. I realized how vital prayer is to each of us. Whether we have a relationship with of Father in Heaven or we are just starting out. We need prayer more than almost anything. Without it we are stuck. Without it we can't progress because we can't talk to our Father and learn more fully to trust Him. 

In Alma 31:10 it talks about how prayer can be our shield against temptation. Prayer holds a power unlike any other. Think about how powerful it is that a simple heartfelt prayer to our Father can help us overcome any and all temptation. Yes, temptations are still going to come, but we can over come them because of prayer. This week I have learned to rely more fully on heartfelt one on one communication with the Father of the universe. I truly have come to know how much of a blessing it is that our Father did not cut that spiritual life line to Him as we came to Earth. It is such a blessing to have. 

I can't imagine my life without prayer. Next time you go to pray think about what you're really doing as you communicate with our all knowing Father in Heaven. 

Love you lots and hope today is the best!
-Sister Wade

1. I got to talk to a Deaf person on the phone through an interpreter. (I'm convinced I was secretly called on a sign language mission (; )
2. Oh and Sister Markus and I may have role played a lesson in Sign Language, in preparation for our lesson with Fernando, and man it was amazing. It helped us to truly teach super simple and to allow the spirit to work as we tried to figure out what to sign next. It was super amazing.

2. That moment when you are talking to a guy and he turns to your companion and says "Why do you have a Spanish name (he thought it was marques) but *pointing to me* she looks Mexican?" I don't understand why people don't realize I am American. haha

More pictures from last week's hike.

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