Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Faith in God Includes Faith in His Timing

Haven't we all at one moment in time wondered why we have to wait? Why we truly need patience? Sometimes even when we have righteous desires we have to wait. Why is that? Why doesn't our Heavenly Father just help us have everything we need and want that is righteous right now? I have always known that patience was something that we need to have in our life. Over and over again in the scriptures it talks about patience being a virtue and so on and so forth, but have you ever wondered why? I know I have. This week it all kinda clicked into place about the why. 

I was thinking about Joseph Smith and his story and all about the time period in which he lived. Then I started to wonder. What if Joseph Smith would have been born during the 1100's? He wouldn't have likely been born in America, he wouldn't have been born when the Bible was available to all people. He probably wouldn't have even had a bible in his home. With all that being said it would not have been possible for the restoration of the Church to happen in that day and age. There had to be a sequence of events before Joseph Smith could have been the Prophet of the Restoration. 

I started thinking about it in my own life. There has to be certain things that happen first. We can't always just jump to what we want when we want it because sometimes for us to fully understand or for us to fully know we need to go through something else. We need to go in the Lord's timing. To truly become the people He needs us to be. We have to do it His way or it doesn't work. 

I know that our Father has a plan for us and that if we wait patiently for the blessings The Lord has promised us they will come and we will be ready for them. 

Have the best day! 

-Sister Wade

(So, sorry if this makes zero sense I was trying to elaborate but then I ran outta time sooooo if it makes no sense just ignore me haha)

1. We were trying to commit one of my investigators to be baptized on a certain day and then our member started talking about tacos for like 15 minutes and then hurry and said "op well now we're outta time, bye!" Haha I look back and can't help but laugh and feel confused and frustrated all at the same time haha 
2. We were driving down the road when all of a sudden we see this party and Sister Ferrin's response was "Wow, look at that Mexican party!! It's huge! Oh, it must be a quinceanera..." Haha obviously every party in NM is just a quinceanera now

3. I sent home Cacti last week cause I wanted to send home only something you could get in NM and obviously that is the only thing that is from NM that you can't get anywhere else. haha and I pulled pricklies out of my hand all day 

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