Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Choose the Light

Miracles are real and do happen! This week I don't know what it is but miracles have been popping up everywhere in every direction! It's such a testimony to me that Heavenly Father does not forget us. He never abandons us and He wants us to travel through life with the light of the Savior. 

Today, I was reading in Ether and first off I love the story of the Brother of Jared. It carries such power and love and it's one of my favorites. But I was reading this morning and the Brother of Jared was pleading with the Father for help so that him and his family would not have to travel "...across the raging deep in darkness..." (Ether 3:9) And I thought about that and realized that this life is like the raging deep for us. It's hard there are struggles and disappointments. But we get to decide if we travel through the raging deep of life either in light or in darkness. We can turn to Christ, the true light of the world, or we can not and travel our journey of life in darkness. Something I love so much about this though is that we get the choice. The Lord loves us enough to let us have our agency. He knows what's best for us but we ultimately get to decide. Are we going to plead with the Lord so that we can have the light of Christ in our lives? Or are we not? I know that He wants us to choose the light. To choose to have Christ in our lives because he knows how much we need it. How much easier it will be to travel through the raging deep of life with Christ as our light.

I hope each of you choose to choose Christ, and the light of the world to guide you through your life. Whether life is good or whether is not so good. Choose Christ and it will be that much easier. 

Sister Wade

1. So I had to give a talk in one of my wards Sunday and I shared a story about volleyball and literally every one keep coming up to me talking about volleyball now and everything I say they always tie it back to volleyball. Haha super funny! But I love that ward with all my heart.
2. IT.RAINED.IN.LAS.CRUCES.NEW.MEXICO. It finally rained!! It was so fun! And we happened to be out tracking when it did which made it that much better.
3. If anyone has good tips for getting rid of cockroaches that would be greatly appreciated cause they're huge and nasty and in our apartment. Um yeah. thanks(:
4. So I don't know if you know, but Sisters in most missions are now allowed to wear PANTS!!! CRAZY! But we aren't one of them cause the only bug problems here are in our apartment. Yeah send some ideas. real quick.
5. "Grandma James" bought me roadrunner earrings so that I could have something to remember Las Cruces by(((: She is seriously the cutest! Love her so much!

Sisters P-Day
Sister Ferrin, Hermana Marzo, Hermana Jolley
Exploring the life in Ole Mesilla NM

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