Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Road Trip to...Disneyland!!!

Sister Carlson Front Left and Sister Saunders Front Right
Sister Ferrin Back Left and Me Back Right
ROAD TRIP TO DISNEYLAND!! Haha or Albuquerque... And gotta stop and get a green chile burger! 

So I have pretty much zero time so this is gonna be real short. This was was pretty great! Met lots of crazy people like normal and hate lots of green chile like normal. haha 

This week I am ponderizing the scirpture Alma 58:37 and I love it lots I love that all we have to do is trust in the Lord. Nothing else matters. As long as we trust in the Lord we will be able to conquer all things. It mattereth not. Trust in Him and we will be able to over come our trials. I feel like that is something that was talked about a lot at conference is trusting. Trust Him and it will all work out. Trust Him and know that He has a plan for you to return to Him. 

Love you all lots!

-Sister Wade

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