Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Faith to Move Mountains

Hey y'all! So this week was pretty grand. My new companion Sister Morris taught me the coolest thing. Okay so she was talking to a friend a couple of years back and her friend pointed to the mountain and said "hey you see that mountain? it actually used to be over there" and pointed a couple of feet to the right. "and that hill over there it used to be over there" pointing a couple of feet to the left. Sister Morris gave her a funny look and said "ha yea right!!" But her friend turned to her and said "no, really, little by little the miners took one shovel full of the mountain and moved it little by little to try and find the gold under it."

It reminded me of the scripture Matthew 21:12 that talks about how we can have the faith to move mountains. But not necessarily physical mountains but more so the mountains in our own life. Our own challenges. We all have probably thought of the mountains in this scripture some time or another as the trials in our life but I feel like most of us feel that if our trials/mountains aren't taken away immediately our faith isn't strong enough. Oh how wrong that is. It is like the story that Sister Morris shared that it truly is little by little that we can overcome our own mountains in our life. It isn't going to happen instantly and we aren't going to instantly be stronger, but it's those little acts of faith that eventually allow us to move or overcome our own trials in our life. It's by those small and simple acts of faith like reading our scriptures, saying our prayers, going to church, doing family home evening, going to seminary all of the above that we can learn how to move our own mountains in our life. 

Try and figure out what things are holding you back from moving your mountains in your life. And use the Atonement of Jesus Christ to become better and strengthen your faith so that you can over come your own person mountains. 

I love y'all lots and hope you have the best day ever! (sorry I have no time today haha!) 

1. The super bowl is apparently super crazy night we had to be in our apartments at 4 pm until the end of the night
2. Sister Morris was in the Navy and is 24
3. Sister Orseth is a twin and 26
4. Apparently I only have old companions haha 

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