Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sorry El Paso the Wind Storm Was Our Fault....

ANNNNDDDDDD OUR NEW COMPANION IS..........SISTER RACKLEY!! She was serving in the UTEP East side but they took both her and her companion out of the area and put Elders in that area (I now owe my last zone leader ice cream because I may have lost a bet with him about that. I thought he was getting put in the UTEP East but he didn't) but Sister Rackley's companion went up north and she joined us(: 

The Lord works in mysterious ways. And this week He worked through the wind.

The wind was blowing super super bad yesterday. We were headed to contact a referral name Stephanie, and I am convinced had we not had our trio our car would have blown away haha. So when we got to the house we ran as fast as we could to the door and knocked. Her mom answered and said Stephanie wasn't going to be home until Thursday. Which was super disappointing but her mom pulled us inside and told us it was too cold to be outside and that she was going to make us hot chocolate. So naturally we agreed. haha. We had a great discussion with her and then when the hot chocolate was done cooking she brought out cookies and nuts and bananas and all sorts of food and left us at the table. All. Alone. Which was super awkward. She also gave us way more than we could eat, but because she was Hispanic it is rude to not eat something so we may have stuffed my pockets full of the food we couldn't eat haha. but we hurried and ate our food (or as much as we could) and the second we finished, the door flew open and Stephanie walked through the door. She was on her way to Mexico but because of the wind storm she came home early. We taught her the first lesson and it was amazing!! The spirit was so strong! I can't even describe it! SHE IS LITERALLY GOLDEN THOUGH!!  

Then the second we walked out of her house the wind stopped. The wind was such a tender mercy. If it wasn't for the wind her mom would not have invited us inside. If it wasn't for the wind Stephanie would not have come home when she did. If it wasn't for the wind who knows when we would have gotten a hold of Stephanie. The Lord gives us so much better than we deserve. I know that He was looking out for us and for Stephanie that day. 

This story reminds me of the time that Jesus calmed the sea of Galilee and after He did so he asked "How is it ye have no faith?" Sometimes we forget that the Lord is all knowing and everything works together for our good. Everything is in His hands. We just need to remember that. This is His work. This is His plan. He has a plan and He is preparing a way for us to accomplish the things that lay ahead. 

He has a plan for you! Don't ever lose faith in that. He knows you and knows how to strengthen you and how to make you the person you can one day become.

I love you all and I love this gospel with every fiber in my being!! I am never coming home from my mission though just by the way.... haha 

 Sister Wade(:
Sis Rackley, Sis Ingold and Me getting
a whole loaf of bread for 50 cents
Jimmy Johns 

Piggy backs are fun! haha

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