Friday, October 9, 2015

Sister Ingold

 I have been worried, as a mother does about who Kelsey's companion will be. Will she get along with Kelsey?  You all know Kelsey is NOT bossy, she just knows what you should be doing! And she lets us all know it. (So grateful for her example!!)

 I got this letter in the mail today. (YES! I love going to get the mail now days! Today I got 2 letters. One from Kelsey and one from Sister Ingold.)

 This letter is from Sister Ingold. I have to admit I was confused why Sister Ingold was sending Sister Wade a letter. Kelsey was in the apartment with her.. What is going on.. So glad it was only a few seconds of confusion. Haha! Sister Ingold was writing ME. I am Sister Wade! Sister Ingold has put all my worries to rest. These two girls will be unstoppable. I believe they will rely on the Lord and look for guidance from him. They will accomplish great things.

Dear Sister Wade,

  You don't know me, but I'm your daughter's trainer. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am to be serving with your daughter. She is awesome and always so positive. She hasn't been feeling the best, but she is always ready to serve the Lord.

  I felt so horrible that Sister Wade had such a weird first week. We just got our area split, and lost most of our investigators, one of our investigators is out of town, so we are having to find investigators, but she is so positive. You have raised a great daughter.

  She is quick to think of scriptures, and you can tell she loves the gospel almost as much as she loves your family. She is also humble and excited. I can't wait to work and teach with her. Thank you in supporting her on this mission. This area is better just with her being here.

Thank you,
 Sister Ingold

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