Friday, October 9, 2015

I am sharing...Holy Smokes!

  This week Kelsey did not have time to email. She has been sick.  I got a hand written letter in the mail. I know many of you are wishing we heard from her this week and don't want to wait until Tues. So I am sharing the letter she wrote to me. It made me feel good to know she has the right idea in mind!! I knew she would get it alright! She can do hard things!!

 She writes… October 3, 2015

  Holy Smokes, Holy Smokes, HOLY SMOKES! Guess What?! Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ Live! AND they have a plan! Okay, Yes. You already knew that buuuuut … I have the best story ever to prove it! Okay rewind back to April before I submitted my papers. I said I wished I was a guy cause they have had a prophet of God stand & declare that every worthy male should serve a mission. I kept saying I wished I was that lucky to know that was what I needed to do. I needed someone, an angel or a prophet of God tell me "Kelsey you need to go on a mission" The whole "If Ye desire to serve ye are called to the work" wasn't gonna cut it for me.

  I had had a prompting, okay about 7632178 promptings but I never saw an angel or had Elder Holland knock on my door saying "Sister Kelsey Wade the Lord needs you to serve a mission." So I kept second guessing myself & my ability to understand promptings. Everyone that was a girl and choosing to serve I felt like they all KNEW they needed to serve cause it was in their patriarchal blessing. Mine never said anything about me serving, so doubts continually crept into my mind. Especially cause I had no physical proof I needed to go. Well, needless to say I ended up going and going on the promptings. Trusting I was doing the right thing. Having faith in Christ. I was pretty much jumping & hoping to learn to fly or have him catch me. 

  So fast forward to 2 days ago. October 1, 2015. I was having a really rough day, maybe cause I didn't feel good, maybe I just missed my MTC District, maybe I felt like a failure and maybe all of the above. Whatever the reason I pulled out my blessing & started reading. I didn't really expect to get anything out of it, besides love & comfort, but I got so much more than that!
  Okay I have literally ready my blessing 793289456 times & probably half of that was while I was deciding wether to serve or not, but this time it was different. It literally told me I was to serve a mission. So the words on the page didn't change but there was an underlining meaning that wasn't there before. It said " I was to serve & I would serve."

 Holy Moly Heavenly Father has a plan! He needed to see how far I would go on my faith and only my faith. He needed to see if I could follow a prompting rather than waiting for the proof then follow through. Then once I followed he opened my eyes & let me know I made the right decision & he is proud that I could follow the prompting. Especially only on faith. I DID IT! I made the right choice! This was part of my test & I passed! & He loves me enough to tell me during my time of trial that what I am doing is the right thing & that it was part of my plan! Heavenly Father has a plan for each one of us. He does & I testify that he does. But it is only after the trial of our faith that we receive a witness. (Ether 12:6)  HE LIVES! I Testify that he does & he has a plan for YOU! He love YOU! TRUST HIM! I love you guys & just wanted to share this story. Have faith everything will work together for your good!


 I love you!

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