Wednesday, January 4, 2017

1 Book 531 Pages 16 Hours 200+ Missionaries

One of the most incredible things you could ever do is to have every single missionary, from Taos NM to Fabens TX, set everything aside to read the Book of Mormon in 16 hours, and the power that comes is more than words can describe.

I always knew that the Book of Mormon was true and I have had so many opportunities to ask Heavenly Father if it is, and there has always been an incredible spirit, but nothing can even begin to compare to the spirit when you get to read all day. As we were reading we were asked to underline every reference of Jesus Christ and every reference of the Atonement, and the most amazing thing was how often our Savior is mentioned and how often the sacrifice He made for me and for you is talked about. I was able to come to know Him more as I read. I was able to see His character more and come to understand the love He and our Father have for us.

I know that the Book of Mormon truly Testifies of our Savior in every way. If we want to know Him, if we want to understand why He did what He did, or feel of His love, read the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon was written for me and for you. For our day. It's to help us know the plan that Our Father has. It's to help us have true joy and true peace in a world where those things aren't always there. Our Savior and Father want us to know them. They want us to rely on them and on the glorious gift of the Atonement that we have been given.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that the Book of Mormon is His word. Read it. Study it. Ponder it. And see your Father in Heaven speak to you through it.

Love ya!!
-Sister Wade

1. We got to go to the temple this week to see Sister King's converts go through for the first time and get sealed!((((: It was a real happy day!
2. You know you're in a zone of Elders when during emailing they tell you to close your eyes, put your arms out straight, slowly touch your pinky to your nose and then are amazed when you can do it, cause they can't. Haha

3. Also we ate octopus.

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